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History Of Athens Lincoln Lodge #62

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Lincoln Lodge #62 was re-organized in 1947 Athens, Ga. The re-organizational meeting took place at the Samaritan Building in downtown Athens in the Pilgrim Insurance Company Office. Present to conduct this meeting was the late Grandmaster John Wesley Dobbs along with Brothers Regan, Scott and Crawford from Atlanta.

In order for this lodge to be reactivated the following former members were conducted to be present: Seymour Ray, John Wade, John Deadwyler, Dick Livingston, Steve Holgebrooks, Lawrence McWhorter, Malcolm Scott, Herty Killian and Houston L. Lumpkin Sr. The first members brought into the lodge on the recommendations of Mr. Seymour Ray. The candidates were Homer T. Edwards Sr., Chester C. Davenport, Sr., James L. Whitehead Sr., Fred G. Brown, James G. Ray and Charlie Lee.

  In April of that same year, this group attended it's first district meeting held in Tate, Georgia. A lot of knowledge was gained at this meeting.

In 1948 this lodge attended their first Grand Lodge, which was held in Columbus, Georgia. In 1949 a number of it's members went to Atlanta, Georgia to be elevated to 32 degree masons, conducted by Atlanta Consistory at the cost of $25.00. This same group was invited back to be elevated to Shriner, but none chose to do it at that time.

Lincoln Lodge began to thrive and grow. Early officers were:  W.M. Homer T. Edwards, Sr.,  Sr. Warden James L. Whitehead, Sr.,  Jr. Warden Fred G. Brown, Jr., & Jr. Deacon (?), Secretary Houston L. Lumpkin, Sr., Treasurer Malcolm Scott, Stewart Richard Finch, Sr., Bill Johnson, Jr., and Tyler, M.C. Simms.

After a few years the lodge moved into the Wade Building on Hull St. to hold it's Lodge Meetings. This building was purchased by John Wade after the downfall of the previous Lincoln Lodge in the late 30's.

In the early 1950's, the Athens Masonic District #6 was organized by Grandmaster X.L. Neal. Homer T. Edwards, Sr. was elected as Athens Masonic District #6 first District Deputy Grandmaster. Dues were $1.00 per month, $.50 M.R.A. dues and Grand Lodge $2.00 dues. This meeting was held at the Athens High Industrial School Gym. (pictured above) At this meeting it was brought to the attention of those in attendance that this property would soon go up for sale because of the White/Black consolidation. Brother Early Johnson led the District to purchasing the property (unknown value). A Masonic Association was set up among the three local lodges located in Athens to purchase and oversee this property:

Watkinsville Lodge No. 21

Lincoln Lodge No. 62

Star of Mount Zion Lodge No. 370

Lincoln Lodge #62 purchased some property of it's own on Glenhaven Avenue for $1,000.00, then eventually sold it for a nicer property. Later on the Lodge purchased some more property on Henderson Ext. which the lodge sold in the early 90's.

Lincoln Lodge has been led by 20 Worshipful Masters since it's re-activation.





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