The Grand Court of New Jersey


    A preliminary meeting in relation to the formation of Grand Court, of the Order of the Amaranth of the State of New Jersey, was held in the room of Magnolia Court #1, on Tuesday, May 16, 1907.


     The Grand Court of  New Jersey was called to order by S.K. W. C. Brown, Supreme Royal Patron; who invited H.L. Anna West to occupy the East and who, as the representative of the Supreme Royal Matron, opened  the meeting by saying that she had been empowered by the Supreme Royal Matron to state that the previous preliminary meeting held for this purpose had not been conducted in accordance with the laws and usages of  the Supreme Council, inasmuch that we must select and not elect the principal officers of the new Grand Court, and therefore was void.  H.L. West further stated that, not being a corporate body, we had made a mistake in nominating and electing these officers, whom the various Courts present voted for to represent them as Grand Officers. After general remarks made by the acting Supreme Royal Matron, H.L. Laura DuBois made a motion which was carried, that a dispensation be asked for of the Supreme Royal Matron for a charter for a Grand Court.


    On May 31, 1907, a special session of  the Supreme Council was held in Fisher Hall, Jersey City, NJ, for the purpose of organizing and constituting a Grand Court in the state of New Jersey.  The Charter is signed by 20 Honored Ladies and 9 Sir Knights and was approved and Sealed by H.L. Anna Vass, Supreme Royal Matron and S.K. William C. Brown, Supreme Royal Patron.


   New Jersey's first Grand Royal Matron was H.L. Mary E. Du Bois and S.K. William C. Brown was our first Grand Royal Patron.  H.L. Marie G. Scott was our first Grand Associate Matron and S.K. Dr. Godfrey Pittis was our first Grand Associate Patron.


    The first Annual Session of Grand Court was held June 8, 1908.  Credentials Committee reported representatives from 5 Courts. The Grand Court was opened in due form at 10 am. The Secretary's report stated the membership as follows: Magnolia #1 -  60; Helena #2 -  29; Clark  #3 - 37; Anna Vass #4 - 55; Tucson #5 - 34; and  Hudson  #6 - 60; for a total membership of 275. 


    In the early years it was not uncommon for the Grand Court to hold 6 to 10 special sessions each year for the  purpose of organizing and constituting new Courts and by 1925 the membership in New Jersey had grown to 2,481.





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