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Freemasonry in Cairns

Freemasonry in Cairns and district is administered through the District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria, holden under the United Grand Lodge of Queensland.

There are some 27 Freemason's Lodges in the district along with other associated orders such as the Order of the Eastern Star which is open to women.

Joining Freemasonry

If you are considering joining Freemasonry and would like to know more about the Order simply submit the form in the   What is Freemasonry on District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria web-page and they will contact you to discuss your questions.

It is important to note that joining Freemasonry will require a personal commitment of your time. Each Lodge meets formally once per month, and informally once per month. All members of the Lodge are expected to attend the formal regular monthly meeting.

It is also important to note that the purpose of Freemasonry is moral and spiritual improvement, not the gaining of any material advantage. Freemasonry is not a benefit society, nor a secret society.

Different individuals get different things out of their membership and being part of our Fraternity. This includes:

The opportunity to meet outstanding individuals from all walks of life, many generations, and a range of backgrounds – people you may not otherwise have the opportunity to know and to call brother

Being part of a group that provides its members with self-development opportunities including public speaking, leadership, training and an enjoyable experience

The opportunity to meet with established members of the community and to become a part of, and an active contributor to, the community. Visit the News section of this site for more information on the range of community initiatives supported by Freemasons Queensland

The chance to learn about and contribute to, the history of one of the world’s oldest and largest Fraternal organisations
Being part of a group where you can seek support as well as give it