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About Our Lodge

Our Lodge was chartered on April 22, 1953 and it was named Village for the village of Miami Shores in Dade County, Florida where it is located. We are very active in the Appendant Bodies of Masonry in Miami and with other Lodges in our District and beyond.

The Lodge is on the main road of a beautiful residential area, close to the Barry University, FIU Biscayne Bay Campus, and Johnson & Wales, as well as to Miami Beach and the Miami Design District.

The three Line Officers at chartering were:
  • Clifford C. Bratthauer - Worshipful Master
  • Alton P. Patten - Senior Warden
  • John C. Aloia - Junior Warden

The chartering Grand Lodge Officers were:
  • Perry Russell Marsh - Grand Master
  • James L. Mixson - Deputy Grand Master
  • L. Travette Lockwood - Senior Grand Warden
  • Thomas E. Taylor - Junior Grand Warden
  • George W. Huff - Grand Secretary.
Village Lodge and Freemasonry in Florida:
We are very proud of a number of our Brothers who are very active in the local Masters & Wardens Association, and hold key positions in the various Appendant Masonic Organizations in Florida such as the Scottish Rite, York Rite, and the Mahi Shrine.

Village Lodge and other Lodges:
We keep very active cooperation with the other Lodges in our Masonic District 34 and with our sister Lodges in particular.