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Order of the Eastern Star - Pennsylvania

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Signet Officers for the Current Year

This page is dedicated to our Officers, both Elected and Appointed, our committee members and all those other folks who contribute in some way to the success of our Chapter.  Thank you for all that you do!

Signet Officers for 2010 - 2011

Worthy Matron     Annajean Patrick
Worthy Patron     Gregory Hample
Associate Matron     Linda Soltysiak, PM
Secretary     Patricia Woodhead, PM
Treasurer     Ellen Kiefer, PM
Conductress     Kathleen Zielinski, PM
Associate Conductress     Bonnie Y. Shalala, PM
Chaplain     Katherine R. Greenlaw, PM
Marshal     Jennifer Quinn, Jr. PM
Organist     Patricia Coyne, PM
Adah     Julieann Patrick
Ruth     Kelly L. Quinn
Esther     Judith Goebig, PM
Martha     Deneen L. Ellis
Electa     Lorraine Jackson, PM
Warder     Elizabeth Tyre, PM
Sentinel     Nancy Hionides

Signet Past Offices

Past Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania

Jaqueline Lampert


Signet Current Offices

Grand Conductress of the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania

Anna H Miller


Appointed Offices

Grand Representative of Bolivia in Pennsylvania

Dorothy McFadden


Grand Representative of Manitoba in Pennsylvania

Ruth HB Essick

Grand Representative of Michigan in Pennsylvania

Bonnie Y. Shalala


Appointed Grand Chapter Committee Members for 2010 - 2011

Tune Up for MS

Beth Ann Vilsmeier, PM

Service Dogs

Virginia E. Essick, PM

Philadelphia VA Hospital

Geraldine E. Patyk, PM


Patricia E. Woodhead, PM


One last note: 
Just because you are not a floor officer or an appointed officer, please don't think that we don't need your energy, your ideas, your enthusiasm and your support because you are an integral part of the chapter and we rely on all of you for good ideas!

Whatever you can do for your chapter, regardless of how small it may seem to you, is GREATLY appreciated!

Have a Great Day!