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Trestle Board #5

Greetings from the East, Brethren.  As all of you know, we have a full slate of officers now, with

Mike Tinndell and our newest Master Mason, Steven Newby, as Senior and Junior Stewards.

Let me also say that itís good to hear that Bro. Mike is recovering well from his medical

problem and we look forward to his return to Lodge.

Some exciting things are being planned and, with the able assistance of our Senior Warden,

John Kabina and our Senior Deacon, John Hughes, we will be having a couple of new events

 sure to please most everyone.  First, mark this date down on your calendars:  Monday,

June 27, 2005.  On that night, we will not only be having a fine dinner, as prepared by our

Junior Warden, Justin Edwards, but we will also be shown the exciting movie,

ďNational TreasureĒ, provided by Bro. John Kabina.  If you havenít seen this movie yet,

do not miss this opportunity.  If you wish to bring a friend or relative to join us that evening,

 feel free to do so, as we will open the Lodge briefly, then close it, so we may get to the dinner

 and movie.

Second, I have appointed Bro. John Hughes to look into setting up the first Palatka Lodge

No. 34 Charity Golf Tournament.  It is my wish to make this an annual event.  If this comes

to fruition, Iíd like to make the date sometime in middle to late October.  Keep your fingers

crossed and say your prayers, that Bro. John sets up the golf tournament for this year.

Brethren, Palatka Lodge No. 34, F. & A.M., continues to grow and as we continue to share

fraternity, I hope to increase our ability to have fun, as well.  Iíll see you in Lodge.  Letís fill

up those seats!

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