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Trestle Board #3

Greetings, Brethren.  This is my third message from the East.

Brethren, Iíd like to think that Palatka Lodge No. 34 is composed of

perfect men, perfect Masons, who always act upon the square, always

 supporting each other.  Of course, we all know that since we are all

human, no one is perfect.  Therefore, Palatka Lodge isnít composed

of perfect men or perfect Masons.  As WM of the Lodge, it is incumbent

 upon me to see that the Lodge runs properly and the well-being of its

members is maintained.  I know I am far from perfect, but I also

know I love Freemasonry and I am so very proud to be a member of this

 Lodge, I will do my best, for the sake of this lodge.  I may not make the

best decisions for each memberís liking, but I will do my best to make sure

it will be in the best interest of Palatka Lodge.  I have been lucky enough

to have served with some exceptional Masons, whom I try to emulate.

 I owe much to my two mentors in Philadelphia, namely Virgil D.

Penn, III and William Bedford and I also owe much to the Past

Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Tom Jackson,

an extraordinary man and Mason.  Here in Florida, I owe much to Bill

and Jack Dardin, and Charlie Wilkinson.  But of all the WMís I have seen

and Iíve seen a few, I have never seen so much achieved, so much

accomplished in one year by one man, as I have under Charlie

Wilkinson.  Even now, Charlie pushes me, guides me, and continues

to teach me, so I can be the best WM I can be.   So this imperfect man

wishes to dedicate this Trestleboard to Worshipful Charlie Wilkinson,

who, as imperfect as he is, has done an incredible job for Palatka Lodge

No. 34 and we all benefit by his hard work, determination, and love of the


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