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Trestle Board #2

Greetings, Brethren.  This is my second ďMessage from the EastĒ to be part

of the February Trestleboard.  My message to you is more of a request.

  I want to make this year as interesting as possible and I believe the way

 to do that is to do more than just come to Lodge, then go home, then repeat

the same process all over again, twice a month.  One of the biggest problems in

Masonry is to gain new members and keep them coming to Lodge.

  We must maintain their interest.  We mustnít assume the ritual work will

hold the interest of all new members.  So the question is, what can we do,

 what can we provide for the Brethren, to keep them coming back? Thatís

 where you come in.  I would like all the Brethren to think about this question

 and report back to me with all the ideas you come up with.  I need your

responses ASAP, since that will help me create our Lodge activities for

this year. Brethren, we have one of the finest Lodges in this or any other

District, but we canít become complacent and sit on our recent accomplishments.

  Worshipful Charlie started something and I want to continue his hard

 efforts to bring Palatka Lodge No. 34 into the future.  Iíve already gotten

 my SWís commitment to carry on this effort and Iím sure my JW feels the

 same way.  Letís also make an effort to attend the District 13 Meetings, the

 schedule of which will be posted in each Trestleboard.  At least make the

meeting to be held at Palatka Lodge No. 34 on Wednesday, July 27, 2005. 

 Letís get a crowd of Palatka Lodge Brothers at that meeting and show the

 other Lodges some of  our Palatka pride.  Lastly, letís give a great big

 ďthank youĒ to Bro. George Walburn, who has created a beautiful web-site

 for our Lodge.  Thank you Brethren and Iíll see you at the Lodge.

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