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Trestle Board #1

Greetings, Brethren.  This is my first message to you ďFrom the EastĒ and I want to

first thank all of you for this opportunity to serve the Lodge as W.M.  Having

previously gone thorough the chairs and becoming a W.M. in the year 2000, I can

tell you, itís a humbling experience.  At the same time, it was an experience I will

always remember and cherish.  This first message is for all those who have thought

about going through the chairs, but have never traveled that route.  When first

offered the J.W.ís position, I realized it was the start of a long and responsibility-

laden journey, ending in the most responsible chair in the Lodge.  I didnít feel

qualified at the time and I wasnít sure I could give all that was required to do an

appropriate job.  Thankfully, my mentor at the time finally convinced me to ďtake

the plungeĒ and start my journey through the chairs.  I am so glad I made that

decision.  Oh, sure, I made my share of blunders, but I also feel I did

as good a job as I could and I am proud of the year over which I presided.  You

know, I follow one of the finest WMís I have ever had the honor and pleasure of

serving, but Iíll bet Worshipful Charlie Wilkinson had his moments of doubt, when

he was first asked to go through the chairs.  What I am trying to say, my Brothers, if

you are asked to serve, take the opportunity to do so.  You will never regret it.  If

you donít feel ready for the travels, sit in any of the other chairs and help the Lodge

in any way you can.  Itís the best way to learn all the positions and really gain

knowledge of Freemasonry.  None of us are perfect and you will probably make a

few mistakes, but the rewards far outweigh the downside.  

Thanks again, my Brothers and I look forward to another great year

for all of us here in Palatka Lodge, No. 34, F. & A.M.

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