History of Olive Lodge 210

Olive Lodge was chartered in 1851 and was located at Olive a small hamlet just east of what is now the village of Caldwell. Noble County was formed that same year with the county seat at Caldwell

We have no records of the Lodge while at Olive as the hall burned in early 1855 with the records being destroyed. The following paragraph however is taken from the history of Noble County, published in 1887. This we believe to be authentic and worthy of note:

"Olive Lodge No. 210 Free and Accepted Masons of Sarahsville, was chartered on December 4th, 1851. The Charter members were: J.Y. Hopkins, W.M.; L.S. Dilly, S.W.; J.B. Heaton, J.W.; M. Beatty, D. Gay, William Tracy, W.R. Gay, James Morrison. The lodge is in fairly prosperous condition, has a good lodge room, and is out of debt, notwithstanding the fact that the hall and all of its contents was destroyed in the fire of 1854, only the lodge record being saved. The present Officers are Dr. Wm. S. Spriggs, W.M.; Wm. J. Johnson, S.W.; Wm. J. Johnson, S.W.; Wm. Price, J.W.; J.W. Powelson, S.D.; Levi Davis, J.D.; J.T. Davis, Secretary; Ezekial Dye, Treasurer; W.R. Kirk, Tyler."

After the fire of 1855 the Lodge was moved to Sarahsville, with the first records beginning in January of 1857.

Our records show that the following officers were installed in January of 1857: Wm. Van Meeter, W.M.; Wm. H. Frazer, S.W.; John Kirk, J.W.; E.G. Dudley, S.D.; E. Danford, J.D.; R.S. Conner, Treasurer,; E. Matheny, Secretary; John Fowler, Tyler.

In August of 1884 the hall was again burned at Sarahsville, but this time the records were saved. The records show the meeting place Joe Johnson's store on September 12th, 1885 and making a contract with Johnson for the room over the store room, where they regularly met until March 12th, 1908 when the Lodge voted to move to Mt. Ephraim. The first meeting held at Mt. Ephraim was July 9th, 1908. The hall burned in 1910, and again the Lodge was without a meeting place. From October 4th, 1910 to August 3rd, 1911 they met in their sister Lodge Summerfield 425, at Summerfield, Ohio.

During this time a lot was purchased from Mr. William Shafer and the present hall erected.

Bro Herman Sayre built the present hall and Bro. John Beatty, who passed away March 15th 1970, an active member for 63 years hauled all the material for its construction.

Bro. Sayre was the first candidate raised in Mt. Ephraim, in July of 1908, after the lodge was moved from Sarahsville.

More to follow.