Carl Claudy

Foreward (1925)

Many a learned man and Mason has written many a learned book and tome of the science, the art, the religion, the history, the symbolism of Freemasonry. This little book follows but very humbly in the footsteps they have left upon the Masonic Sands, nor even pretends to imitate thir greatness.

"Old Tiler Talks," which are published every week in The Fellowship Forum, are but a sincere attempt to put in every-day language some of the fundamentals of practical Masonry; to answer, in the words he understands, some of the questions that mythical person, "the average Mason," asks when he is yet but a Young Brother. The author, himself a Masonic student in very elementary classes, bespeaks for the words of the Old Tiler but the same brotherly spirit in which he has tried to write them; he hopes for them, thus put foth in permanent form, only the welcome which the "common or garden" variety of Mason may have for sugar-coated pills of Masonic philosophy. He well knows that all that is here said, has been said before in many ways by most learned scholars; therfore he can and does claim no originality of thought. If there is anything in the homely words of the Old Tiler, to make any of the great truths of Masonry simpler to understand, and therefore easier to love, the author will feel more than repaid. Should the little book touch a responsive chord in the heart of some unknown brother, he will be a thousand times overpaid for its writing.

Carl H Claudy

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