720 Purdy St. at 5th
P.O. Box 161
Brookshire 77423

Stated Meetings - First Thursday
Dinner 6:30 PM
Meeting 7:30 PM

Brookshire Lodge Masonic Lodge #1066 was chartered December 5, 1912. The story goes that previous to that time the Masons in the area had to ride the ferry across the Brazos River to attend Lodge meetings in San Felipe. At that time it cost five cents to ride the ferry, so the Brothers decided that it would be cheaper to have their own Lodge.

Brookshire Lodge Pages Of Interest
The Brookshire Community
A Little Bit Of Masonic Humor
Famous Masons
Old Tiler Talks A Masonic Text Book In Fiction

Brookshire Lodge Officers 2007/2008
Worshipful Master - Bro. Clark Dumesnil
Senior Warden - Bro. Joel Trimm Jr.
Junior Warden - Bro. William Jensen
Treasurer - Bro. Herman Meyer
Secretary - Bro. Wallace L. Wotipka
Senior Deacon - Bro. Bud Dumesnil
Junior Deacon - Bro. Chris Ryland
Senior Steward - Bro. Carlton Buford
Junior Steward - Bro.
Chaplain - Bro. Stanley Kitzman
Tiler - Bro. Aaron Cornis
Marshal - Bro. Cary Avery
Master of Ceremonies - Bro. Yehiel Fridfertig

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