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About the College

"myCMSimpleLodge" is a ficticious lodge for demonstration purposes only.

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The original Masonic College met on the 2nd floor over the Oscarville school house.  The building was constructed by the Masons and served the community for many years.


The fee is $25. per year.

News & Events


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Work Day -- Saturday, July 24, 2010

The following activities are planned:

  1. General grounds maintenance around the building;
  2. Cleaning the Bar-B-Q smoker in preparation for the Fall Bar-B-Q;
  3. Thorough cleaning of the floors -- mop & wax kitchen area, vacuum throughout; and
  4. Repair sign.

The more volunteers, the less time it will take.  Please plan to participate.

Stated Meeting -- Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper to be presented on the significance of the Bee Hive in Freemasonry.



Several files and graphic images are available for download.  Select the category that is of interest to you, and then select the file.


Shriner's Childrens Hospitals

Click here to download a copy of the Money magazine article rating the Shriner's Childrens Hospitals as a #1 rated health care charity.

White Papers

Bee Hive

Click here to download a white paper that explores the significance of the Bee Hive in Masonry.

Letter G

Click here to download a white paper that explores the significance of the Letter G in Masonry.

Alarm Paper

Click here to download the Alarm paper.

Graphic Images

Click here to download this image.

Members Area

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White Papers

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These are white papers available for download only by registered members.

The other Alarm paper.

Graphic Images

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These are graphic images available for download only by registered members.

The Masonic Goat

Click here to download this super-secret image.


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