Our Trestle Board is a monthly publication that keeps the Brethren of our Lodge informed as to Lodge meetings, activities, events and functions at the Lodge. We also included information from the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Florida, District 18 Association (formerly Masters and Wardens), the Masonic Home of Florida and appendant and concordant bodies.

    There is also a section in each of our Trestle Boards that deals with "Education and Discussion". The month/year titles below will take you that months issue which contain the articles listed below that month. You will be able to view that entire issue, scroll through that issue and read the article you are interested in.

    We hope you find the information contain in this section informative and useful.


August 2008

Deck of Cards, The Lodge, Only Through Masonic Unity Do the Best Get Better, Masonic Prayer

September 2008

The Masonic Blue Slipper, Cement, Deontology, S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely goals)

October 2008

Whatever Happened To Masonic Pride, Clothes Make the Man and the Mason

November 2008

The Entered Apprentice; The Meaning of the Term, The Entered Apprentice; An Interpretation, The Holy Saints John; To Whom All Lodges Are Dedicated, The Tenets; Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, Masonry and Citizenship; The Charge, Symbols of the Entered Apprentice, Masonry and The Sacred Law; The Holy Writings,

December 2008

Order of the Amaranth, Tall Cedars, Practice Makes Perfect, Better Late Than Never, The Second Degree; The Meaning of the Term "Fellow Craft", An Interpretation of the Ritual of the Second Degree, Masonic Charity, Symbols and Allegories of the Second Degree, The Two Pillars, Duties and Privileges of a Fellow Craft, Fellow Craft: The Wages - Corn Wine and Oil, The Teachings of Masonry; Fellow Craft,

January 2009

An Interpretation of the Ritual of the Third Degree, Symbols and Allegories of the Third Degree, Masonic Etiquette and Conduct, The Legend of Hiram Abiff, Visitation, The Laws of Freemasonry, Irregular and Clandestine Lodges, The Duties, Rights and Privileges of a Master Mason,

February 2009

Mount Rushmore, York Rite "The Continuation of the Blue Lodge", The Masonic Altar, The History of the Grand Lodge of England

March 2009

Scottish Rite, The Genius of Masonry, The Broken Column

April 2009

Masonic Dating, Just a Quiet Little Lodge Room, "Free" Masons

May 2009

Ideal of a Freemason, Remember This, Symposium of Symbolism, Masonic Vision and Mission Statements, How Appears the Apron, Like A Maiden

June 2009

A Little Scrap of Paper, A Cherokee Legend, The Title Past Master Stands For, The Hourglass - The Scythe and the Sprig of Acacia, Three, An Erring Brother

July 2009

History of In God We Trust, The Four Bones of F & AM, Masonic Etiquette,

August 2009

Grand Masters 2009 Message, A Step Into The Future, Old Tyler's History, Roles and How We Play them, Honor and Home

September 2009

Did you Know - "The Bone Box", I Am Proud to be a Mason, Masonic Light, Vitruvius, Rods and Colimns

October 2009

Today, Self-Less-Ness, Paraskevidekatriaphobia (Fear of Friday the 13th), What Masonry Must Preserve, Why Is Masonic Ritual Regarded As So Important, Why Are Masonic Rituals No The Same In All States, The Mason

November 2009

Thanksgiving, An Old West Campfire, Challenge, Pillars, The Wardens Columns, The Masonic Funeral, Acacia

December 2009

The Lost Symbol (Book Review), Speak Now To Us of Masonry, Rainbow Hero, Why I Love Shriners Hospitals, I'm Free, What's in Your Backyard, Pompeii, Can we stop Masonry From Evolving into Something Unrecognizable and Disappearing within its Current Form?

January 2010

2010 Masters Message, 2010 Annual Awards Presentation Photos, The Poem Of Trathel, Masonic Blue, The Master's Apron,

Lodge Room Photos (Remodel)


February 2010


Stop Brother, Just A Moment, A Mouse in the House, Descendit E Caelo, Cardinal, The Holy Saints John,

Oath - Corporal


March 2010


Masters Wages - What are They?, Recipe For Greatness, Defining Esotericism from a Masonic Perspective

APRIL 2010

Easter, Daniel Carter Beard Scouter Award, Significance of Masonic Colors, Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team,

Masonry's Only Fight, Who Shares Your Brotherhood


MAY 2010


Veterans Memorial, Mothers Day, Selected Aphorisms, 15 Qualities of a Master Mason, Masonic Eqtiquette, "The Forget Me Not",

The Holy Saint John


JUNE 2010


The Test, Intender, Remembering and Forgetting, Early Masonic Prayers, Ark of the Covenant, Degrees and Life,

Keep the "Great" Lights in Sight, The Perfect Lodge


JULY 2010


United States Flag Folding, Ladies of Arlington Never Miss a Final Salute, The Ballot Box and the Act of Balloting, 

What is Meant By "To Travel in Foreign Countries", Whence Came You




Woodlea House, Good and Wholesome Instruction, Solomon's Knot




Grand Masters Message 2010, The Importance of Medical Research, Grand Lodge Programs, Enemies,

On the Mind All Our Knowledge Must Depend, Harmony, The Making Of a Freemason




A Summer Visit to the Old Tyler, Moral Code, Remember Your A Mason, Personal responsibilities, Patience,

Membership and the Future, The Wages of A Master Mason




Be the Candidate, Hot Air Ballooning and Freemasonry, Volunteering,  A Freemason


Masonic Friendships, Ritual, Masonic Music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Annual Civic awards, Proficiency a Double Standard, Masonic Etiquette, is it contagious?


Visit the Ill, Why Do We Wait, Masonic Charity, Concerning God and Religion,

The Sublime Degree of a Master Mason, The Perfect Lodge


MARCH 2011

Idle Talk, Piques and Quarrels?, Survival Kit for Freemasons, A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned, The Right Thing to Do

April 2011


Not On-Line


May 2011


Not On-Line


June 2011


Not On-Line


July 2011


Two Sides to Every Coin, The Purpose of Masonry, Masonic or Selfish Behavior - You Call It, The Old Tyler Talks,

Masonic Education the Fun and Easy Way




In-Active Masons, Our Masonic Obligations, Building Character, What Kind of Man Are You, The Office of Chaplin




1776 Dempster Beach (NY) Stone, The Soul, Brother Can You Spare the Time, Point Within a Circle, A Masons Cable Tow