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Fraternal Visit June 2001

Here are the members of both quiz teams before the match. Isn't it just typical that the brethren with the biggest grins are those on the losing team! They thought they had the result in the bag!
But just look at the effect losing has! Here is Bro John (team member) and Bro Ray (Lodge member) .. need I say more?
This is Bro Les telling a joke that just goes on and on and on and on. The fixed grins on the faces of the listening brethren speaks volumes:-))). Sorry Les!

This is a photo of Bro Chris B from the good ol' US of A. Kentucky way to be exact y'all!

He contacted me via this site, sadly he could not make the Legion lodge meeting but we enjoyed his company at Morden Lodge instead. We hope you enjoyed your trip Chris and your visit to canny Newcastle.

Chris is now giving a presentation on his visit to the UK to various lodges in and around Kentucky and Indiana.

Fraternal Visit to The Lodge of Loyalty April 2001

On the left is the DC's Chair at Queen St. On the right is the JW's Chair. Impressive eh? Sadly the photo I took of the WM's chair did not come out all that well, which is a real pity because it is quite a magnificent sight.

The high DC's chair is said to be Chippendale. The whole building needs funds to help with on-going refurbishment and I would urge readers to look at the Queen Street Website which can be accessed via our links page.

Two photos of members of Legion Lodge who went through on the visit. The photo on the right contains a rare look at your webmaster!

Even though we made them Honorary Members of Legion Lodge, these two on the left, WBro David and WBro Bewick (and him a Grand Officer); just cannot resist planning some dastardly plot against the visitors!

On the right "Plot? Plot? What plot?" When challenged Bewick tries to wriggle out by putting on a suprised look.

But we aren't fooled!

John switches on his universal translation machine (secreted in his ear) so that he can understand the mackem dialect.

The WM of Loyalty, not having a universal translator, can only stare politely at the WM of Legion Lodge as he gives his reply.

The Founders' Dinner October 2000

Founders Photo Founders Photo
Above right is our Guest Speaker WBro Doug. Doug has just delivered the punch line of a joke and WBro Bruce responds appropriately.

The Founders at the Founders' Dinner 2000

Founders Photo L to R: WBro Sid, WBro John J, WBro Louis R, WBro Bruce S.

That pint certainly seems to be having a serious effect on Sid!

The Founders at our 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Founders Photo L to R: Bro Eddie M (Founding IG), WBro John J (Founding JD) WBro Doug R (Founding Treasurer), WBro Bruce S (Founding WM), W Bro Bill F (Founder) WBro Albert S (Founding Steward), WBro Sid B (Founding Steward) WBro Sid S (Founder)

Missing from the photo (He was probably quite sensibly at the front of the bar queue) is Bro George D (Founding Steward) who acted as candidate.

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