History of Lake Shore Lodge

Lake Shore Lodge - Chartered in 1858        

On December 15, 1857 Grand Master, Horace Stokes issued our dispensation at Centerville, Ohio (now Madison).  G. V. Wells was appointed as Worshipful Master, Perry Bosworth as Senior Warden, and William L. Babcock as Junior Warden.  

Most of the Brethren who signed the petition were from Temple Lodge (Painesville), so we presume Temple Lodge was our sponsoring body. 

On October 21, 1858, Lake Shore was issued its charter and was designated Lodge No. 307.  The Lodge's first meeting place is believed to be near 209 W. Main street.  The Property where the Lodge is now was purchased on October 30, 1899 for $3000. 

During the early morning hours of September 30, 1903, the Lodge and all of its property was destroyed by fire.  The cost to rebuild was $5235.  On February 25, 1906, our hall was dedicated by M.W.B. F.S. Harmom. 

In April 1909, electricity was installed...the bill was 80 cents.  In December 1914 the telephone was installed. 

Over the years Lake Shore has been an active Lodge.  We have enjoyed a reputation of being a friendly Lodge.  We also are known as a generous Lodge.  We have regularly sponsored the Special Olympics, contributed to our Masonic Home, and donated to the needy families in the community.


Charter Members

Perry Bosworth   William L. Babcock   John H. Bliss   Luther T. Fox    Thomas King, Jr.   Harry Redhead   

D.B. Rose              Asa Talcott                 G.V. Wells        Elisha Wood     Luther Warner


                           Living Past Masters                      


Joseph J. Grof, 1955

Richard L. Lumpp, 1958

Thomas C. Ray, 1962

John S. Boyle, 1965

Lowell Ashcraft, 1967

Morley F. Durbin, 1968, 1990, 1991, 1995, 1999

Robert L. Lake, 1969

Daniel K. Alexander, Jr., 1970

Guy N. Wilson, 1973, 1989

Robert J. Wickert, 1977

James H. McLaughlin, 1979



Richard F. Hammil, 1980, 2001, 2002

Charles G. Dahmer, 1981

Frank Brewster, 1982

Barry E. Pierce, 1983, 1997

BennyL. Grimm, 1984

William E. Tecil, 1985, 2000

Michael T. Hall, 1987, 1988

Robert  L. Shaw, 1992

Thomas J. Piispanen, 1993, 1996

Mark E. Monk, 1994, 1998, 2006

Gregory Eberschlag 2003, 2004, 2005



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