"Herndon DeMolay is dedicated to serving their community and faithfully improving the young men of the chapter. They build themselves upon ideals which our nation is prone to forget."  


How to add HerndonDeMolay.org as a trusted Site for IE Users.


Since HerndonDeMolay.org is hosted on mastermason.com under a masked domain name, you must add it as a trusted site in Internet explorer in order to login to the member portal. Click here for an Alternate option to the steps below


Step 1

- Select Tools >> Internet Options... from the file menu.

Step 2


- Under the Security Tab, first select the Trusted sites zone (green circle with checkmark)
- Then click on the button labled Sites...

Step 3

- Uncheck Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone
- Type http://herndondemolay.org in the the "add this web site to this zone" box
- Then click the Add button.
  (http://herndondemolay.org/ should now appear under the "Web sites:" list)
- Click OK

Step 4
- Reselect the web content zone Internet (globe)
- and click OK

Alternate Quick Fix
(without changing IE settings)


- Right-Click on the member portal link and select Open in New Window
  (This can also be done by holding the SHIFT key when clicking on the link)