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Famous Masons M - S  
  MacArthur, General Douglas - Commander of Armed Forces in Philippines.
MacDonald, Sir John A. - Prime Minister of Canada (1867-73 & 1878-91).
Marshall, James W. - Discovered Gold at Sutter's Mill California (1848).
Marshall, John - Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court (1801 - 1835).
Marshall, Thomas R. - US Vice President to Woodrow Wilson
Marshall, Thurgood - Supreme Court Justice.
Martí, José Julian - Cuban writer and patriot.
Mathews, Stanley - Supreme Court Justice.
Mayer, Louis B. - Film producer who merged to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).
Mays, Benjamin - Educator/former president Atlanta University
Mazzini, Giuseppe - Italian revolutionary and political theorist.
Mayo, Dr. William (father) and Charles (son) - Began Mayo Clinic.
Maytag, Fredrick - Maytag.
McGovern, George - American political leader, WWII bomber pilot, and professor (Dakota Wesleyan University).
McKinley, William - 25th President of the U.S.
Menninger, Charles F. (father) and Karl A. (son) - Psychiatrists famous for treating mental illness.
Mesmer, Franz Anton - practiced "Mesmerism" which led to Hypnotism.
Metcalfe, Ralph H. - Olympic champion
Meyerbeer, Giacomo - German composer, who influenced the work of the German composer Richard Wagner.
Michelson, Albert Abraham - Successfully measured the speed of light in 1882.
Miller, Glenn - Musician
Minton, Sherman - Supreme Court Justice.
Mitchell, Edgar D. - American astronaut, the sixth person to walk on the moon.
Mix, Tom - U.S. Marshal turned actor. Stared in over 400 western films.
Monckton, Lionel - Musician.
Monge, Gaspard, Comte de Péluse - French mathematician, recognized as the inventor of descriptive geometry.
Monroe, James - 5th President of the U.S.
Montgolfier, Jacques Etienne - Co-developer of the first practical hot-air balloon.
Moody, William H. - Supreme Court Justice.
Mozart, Leopold - Father of Wolfgang, concertmaster, celebrated violinist, composer, and author.
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Composer.
Mucha, Alphonse - Czech-French poster designer and painter ("Art Nouveau" period).
Murphy, Audie - Most decorated American Soldier of WWII.

Naismith, James - Inventor of Basketball.
Nash, Charles - Automobile industry
Nelson, Samuel - Supreme Court Justice.
New, Harry S. - Postmaster General who established Airmail.
Newton, Joseph Fort - Christian Minister.
Nunn, Sam - U.S. Senator.

O'Higgins, Bernardo - Chilean leader, who helped win independence for his country and served as supreme dictator.
Olds, Ransom E. - American automobile pioneer.
Otis, James - Famous for "Taxations without Representation is Tyranny".

Palmer, Arnold - Golf Pro.
Papst, Charles F. - Coined the term "Athletes Foot".
Paterson, William - Supreme Court Justice.
Peale, Charles Willson - American painter (late 18th century to early 19th century).
Peale, Norman Vincent - American clergyman, author, and founder of "Guidepost".
Peary, Robert Edwin - First man to reach the North Pole (1909).
Penney, James C. (J.C. Penney) - Retailer.
Pershing, General John Joseph - Decorated American Soldier.
Pike, Albert - Author of "Morals and Dogma".
Pitney, Mahlon - Supreme Court Justice.
Poinsett, Joel R. - U.S. Minister to Mexico who developed the flower: Poinsettia.
Polk, James Knox - 11th President of the U.S.
Pope, Alexander - Writer.
Pound, Roscoe - Former Dean, Harvard Law School
Pullman, George - Built first sleeping car on train.
Pushkin, Aleksander - Russian Poet.

Rangel, Charles B. - U.S. Congressman New York
Randolph, A. Phillip - Founder - first president, International Brotherhood Sleeping Car Porters
Reed, Stanley F. - Supreme Court Justice.
Retief, Piet - Afrikaans leader and and one of the founders of the South African nation
Revere, Paul - Famous American.
Rhodes, Cecil - Prime Minister of Cape Colony (1890).
Richardson, Elliot - Attorney General.
Rickenbacker, Captiain Eddie - Great American Air Force Ace.
Rickey, Branch - Baseball legend
Ringling Brothers - All 7 brothers and their father were Masons.
Rizal, José - Filipino physician, novelist, and nationalist martyr.
Roberts, Allen E.- Author of several books on Masonry.
Robinson, John J. - Author of "Born in Blood" and "A Pilgrim's Path".
Robinson, Sugar Ray - American Boxer.
Rogers, Roy - American cowboy and screen star.
Rogers, Will - Actor/Humorist.
Romberg, Sigmund - 20th century Hungarian-American composer.
Roosevelt, Franklin D. - 32nd President of the U.S.
Roosevelt, Theodore - 26th President of the U.S.
Rutledge, Wiley B. - Supreme Court Justice.

Salten, Felix - Creator of Bambi.
San Martin, José de - Organized an expedition to liberate Peru from Spanish rule.
Sanders, Harland ("Colonel Sanders")- Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant.
Sarnoff, David - Father of T.V.
Sax, Antoine Joseph - Invented the Saxophone (1846).
Schiller, (Johann Christoph) Friedrich von - German poet, dramatist, philosopher, and historian.
Schirra, Walter Marty, Jr. - American astronaut.
Schoonover, George - Founder of "The Builder".
Scott, Capt. Robert Falcon - English Explorer.
Scott, Sir Walter - Writer.
Scott, General Winfield - American army officer, who played a major role in the Mexican War (1846-1848).
Sellers, Peter - Actor.
Sexson, W. Mark - Founder of Rainbow Girls, Masonic historian/author/researcher
Shackleton, Sir Ernest - English Explorer.
Shakespeare, William - Writer
Sibelius, Jean - Composer (Finland).
Simpson, Alan - U.S. Senator
Skelton, Red - Entertainer.
Sloane, Sir John - English Artist.
Smith, Joseph - Founded The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Smith, John Stafford - Wrote the music that became the US National Anthem.
Smithson, James - British mineralogist and chemist, whose legacy provided for the foundation of the Smithsonian Institution.
Sousa, John Philip - Composer who led the U.S. Marine Band from 1880 to 1892.
Speaker, Tris - Baseball Hall of Famer
Stanford, Leland - Railroads & Stanford University
Starr, Bart - Football legend
Stassen, Harold - Statesman, sole surviving signer of the United Nations Charter
Stevenson, Adlai E. - US Vice President to Grover Cleveland
Stewart, Potter - Supreme Court Justice
Still, Andrew T. - American Physician who devised osteopathy treatment
Stokes, Carl B. - Former mayor, Cleveland, OH
Stokes, Louis - U.S. Congressman Ohio
Stratton, Charles "Tom Thumb" - Entertainer
Swayne, Noah H. - Supreme Court Justice
Swift, Johathan - Wrote Gulliver's Travels

Credit to Steilacoom Lodge #2's website.