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The Grand Lodge of Ohio will be having a special Grand Master's One Day Class on APRIL 27th, 2002, in 10 cities accross the state.
     This will enable those men who would otherwise not have the time to come into the Masonic Fraternity the traditional way an opportunity to become Masons.  The usual memory work of the exams will be, by edict of the Grand Master, waived for this class ONLY.  ALSO ANY member who has NOT completed his exams in any of the degrees can come to this day and be able to become a Master Mason in full!
     This will afford these new members an exciting opportunity to join the Oldest Fraternal Organization, and a chance to enjoy what many of us already enjoy fully... the Fellowship & Friendship of Freemasonry.

The Grand Master has issued an edict allowing those bodies whose membership is predicated on being a MM, to get petitions.  Our Chapter members take note!

For more information contact the Grand Secretary @ gbraatz@freemason.com          or              Mike Retherford
     For more information please contact your Lodge Secretaries.  

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