Reuven Lodge's Web Site Newsletter No. 2
Issued August 15th 2001
Hello all

Sorry about the long silence.

Being busy with the trip to Scotland (which added pictures to the site), and other preparations for the 70th anniversary of the lodge, put this newsletter second.

I will try to make sure it doesn't happened again.

To this newsletter's issues:
1. The festive work of Reuven Lodge's 70th anniversary will take place on Thursday September 13th at 17:00 in the "Noff" Hotel in Haifa.
2. Invitation to the work is posted on the site. to get there you need to go to the site at: choose "Bulletin Board", and then click on the message that points to the invitation.
for users who encounter problems (old browsers or Netscape related) go straight to:
3. On August 4th (which was the Jewish love holiday) we celebrated together at the home of Bela and David Castel, and it was wonderful enjoying each other's company.
4. I repeat the request to add counts to our site, at the "Go Masonry" site which counts votes for Masonic web sites. Please get to our site, ( ) choose the "Favorite Links" page and on the bottom of the page, click on the banner of GoMasonry this will add a count to the votes.
Eitan Israeli