Invitation to the 70th anniversary work

Reuven Lodge No. 1
Of Free Ancient & Accepted Masons, Haifa
Consecrated September 14th 1931 as No. 1376 S.C.
WM Bro. David Castel
Secretary: W. Bro. Ilan Reisner
Lodge address 119 Hanasie Blvd. Haifa, Tel 04-8371368
Correspondence via P.O.B 7182 Haifa 31071
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Haifa August 5th 2001
16th of AV 5761
Regular Meeting No. 512 (754)

Dear Brother,
By order of the WM Brother David Castel, you are hereby summoned to attend our lodge's regular meeting, to be held at the Noff Hotel 101 Hanassi Boulevard, Central Carmel, Haifa, on Thursday 13th September, 2001, at 17:00 exactly. Brothers should arrive by 16:30.

With Fraternal Greetings

Ilan Reisner
Dark suite, white shirt
Black Bow tie and white gloves

Secretary Corner:
1.    Greetings to brothers: David Halfon (7/8), Nahum Leefshits (26/8), Itzhak Peled (27/8), Yehuda Hashimshoni (6/9), Hanan Altman (14/9), Elyahu Friedman (28/9) and Joseph Lavie (30/9)
2.    Parking is also available in Yeffe Noff st. (On the back side of the hotel).

From Ancient times, no Master or Fellow could be absent from his Lodge, especially when Summoned to appear at it, without receiving severe censure, unless it appeared to the Master that pure necessity had hindered upon

1.    Consecration of a temple by the Grand Master, the Most Worshipful Brother Arthur Mark and the Grand Lodge Officer Bearers.
2.    Opening Ode
3.    To open the Lodge.
4.    To greet Grand Lodge Officer Bearers.
5.    To greet Visitors from abroad.
6.    To greet Past Grand Masters.
7.    To greet the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel the Most Worshipful Brother Arthur Mark.
8.    Entering the flags of the Grand Lodge and Reuven Lodge No. 1.
9.    To pass the Gavel to the eldest past master of Reuven Lodge No. 1
10.    To memorize past founding brothers.
11.    To return the Gavel to the W.M. Brother David Castel.
12.    To greet brothers for happy family occasions.
13.    To award honorary Master title to the Grand Master the Most Worshipful Brother Arthur Mark.
14.    Commentary by Reuven Lodge's past Masters.
15.    To receive greetings from visiting Masters.
16.    Reading by the Chaplain.
17.    To transact any other business regularly brought before the Lodge.
18.    To pass the charity collection.
19.    To close the Lodge.
    Closing Ode
To attend the festive White Table with dance music