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Myth assures man that what he is about to do has already been done, in other words it helps him to overcome doubts as to the result of his undertaking. There is no reason to hesitate before setting out on a sea voyage, because the mythical hero has already made it. All that is needed is to follow his example. Living in a society in which myth is a living thing means living in a world, the though in "cipher" and mysterious is also open. The World "speaks" to man and to understand it's language man needs only to know the myths and decipher the symbols.


Several brief quotes from Alvin KUHN underlines these points


"What was known of old is that myth as employed by ancient writers in Biblical scripture is not fiction, but the truest of all history.


" The myth is the only true narrative of the reality of human experience-it is the actual experience of life in it's evolution.


"Real as history is, finally less true than the myth. The myth is always and forever true; actual history is never more than an approximation of the truth of life"


" Myth was the favourite and universal method of teaching in archaic times"


n the ancient world the `gods' were rarely regarded as supernatural beings. Structure and function of myths


In general it can be said that myth, as experienced by archaic societies constitutes the History of the acts of the Supernaturals;


(2) that this History is considered to be absolutely true (because it is concerned with realities) and