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Rosicrucian Society of Freemasons

M.W. Fra. John Paternoster IXº Supreme Magus

R.W. Fra. Arthur Craddock IXº Senior Substitute Magus

R.W. Fra. Peter J. Trewern IXº ACR Junior Substitute Magus

Province of New Zealand

 R.W.Fra. Kenneth J. Edney VIIIº 9º ACR Chief Adept

R.W.Fra. William Hibbard VIIIº 9º Suffragan

Felkin College No. 68 

Finem Respice

Celebrant V.W. Fra. Anthony Cave VIIº

High Council Representative

V.W.Fra. N.A. Richardson VIIº

Events For November 2011


The 46th Convocation of  Felkin College No.68

Will be held on Friday 24th February 2012
At the Omaranui Masonic Centre Elbourne Street, Taradale, Napier, New Zealand

  4.30 pm: Open Business session of the College a
 Opening Prayer.

   Close Business session

The M…C… will be formed, and the College opened in the Grade of Zelator

  College will be adjourned in the Grade of Zelator

and Opened in the Grade of Practicus

Two Theoricus  will be advanced to the Third Grade

College will be closed in the Third Grade and resumed in the grade of Zelator

A Master Mason will be Admitted to thr Grade of Zelator

A Court of Honour will be held

The College will be closed in due Form


as Celebrant for the Year 2011-2012 and His Officers

 To present Certificates

Fra Jeff Allan II will present a paper

 "Qabalah and Cosmology"

Close the College in due form

Refectory proceedings and Dinner

The College Meets on the Fourth Friday of the Months of February, May, August and November

November being Installation

College Secretary V.W.Fra. Bruce R. MacConnell VIIº

27/8 Morris Spence Avenue

Napier 4112

New Zealand

Phone +64 6 843 0295

e-mail brucemacconnell@slingshot.co.nz