Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia

Province of New Zealand

Felkin College No.68

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In 1912 Dr, Felkin was advanced to Adeptus Minor (Grade V) and Adeptus Majora (Grade VI) on the 15th June followed on the 10th August to Adeptus Exemptus (Grade VII).

In 1912 as Dr.Felkin was about to depart from Southampton he received word that Neville Meakin, Grand Master of the Ordo Tabulae Rotundae was about to succumb to the effects of tuberculosis . Dr, Felkin hurried to his bedside where Meakin conferred on him the Grand Mastership of the Order with Seals and Warrants.

The S.R.I.A. conferred further honours on Dr. Felkin  on the 14th August 1912 with 8 Honoris Causa followed by the 9 Honoris Causa on the 20th November 1915

In 1913 Dr. Felkin and his family  visited New Zealand with the view of laying the foundations of future spiritual work in this country.  He was with his wife and daughter to further the work of the Stella Matutina ( an off shoot of the Golden Dawn) with the foundation of the Smaragdum Thalasses (Emerald Seas) Temple in 1917-18 and the continuation of the Ordo Tabulae Rotundae magical esoteric Order embodying the principals of Arthurian, Chivalric and Grail Christianity in the land of the Southern Cross.

1916 was a busy year for the Felkins.  Preparations were under way for their departure to New Zealand toward the year end, plus the running and management of several Temples in England under the Stella Matutina.  These Temples were known as Amoun, Hermes, Merlin and the Secret College consisting of Senior Members of the S.R.I.A..

Never the less Felkin prepared and delivered on the 14th February "The Rosicrucian Society in Europe" . " The veils of Negative Existence", never printed or published and his Valedictory address on April 13th " Rosicrucian Medicine"

On April 13th 1916 at the Society's Annual Obligating Convocation Dr. R.W. Felkin  9 was installed as Celebrant of the Metropolitan College by the Supreme Magus Dr. W. Wyn Westcott.  Having expressed his thanks, he resigned the office of Celebrant, in consequence of his impending departure to New Zealand.  The M.W. the Supreme Magus then announced the appointment of R.W.Frater R.W. Felkin 9 P.C.. as Inspector General of Colonial Colleges i.e. Australia and New Zealand.

On April 14th 1917 he was appointed Chief Adept for New Zealand, an office which  he held until his resignation in December 1926 just prior to his death.

So what do we make of this man Dr. Felkin?

Medical Practitioner, Lecturer on tropical Diseases (Edinburgh), Mystic, Naturopath, Colour Therapist, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Ceremonial Magician, Explorer (he was of the first to explore the sources of the Nile), Missionary of the Church Missionary Society (Anglican), Anglo-Catholic, Church man, Freemason, believed in Secret chiefs, discoverer of the cause of Malaria, practitioner of Rosicrucian Medicine, Imperator of the Stella Matutina-with its several Temples, Theosophist, Grand Master and Mage of the Odro Tabulae Rotundae,  Founder Member of the Guild of St. Raphael( Anglican ), possible alcoholic, Chief Adept of the Province of New Zealand, Rosicrucian.

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