DeKalb Lodge Hosts State School of Instruction

DeKalb Masonic Lodge #144 hosted a State School on January 25th. The Right Worshipiful Senior Grand Warden, Noel C. Dicks, and Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden, Daniel C. Yandel were in attendance, as well as Grand Lodge Instructors, including Dale Corrice. Fueled by doughnuts and coffee, participants went through the second section of the third degree. The instructors then gave demonstrations of floor and rod work according to a Grand Lodge plan they provided. Everyone who attended came away feeling enlightened and enthused.

Pictured above with DeKalb Lodge #144 Worshipful Master John Birkett are Right Worshipful. Senior Grand Warden Noel C. Dicks, (l.) and Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden Daniel C.Yandel (r.)

DeMolay Opened in DeKalb

There is a new DeMolay chapter opened in DeKalb. They will meet on the first and third Mondays of every month at 7:00 P.M. Ages 12 to 21 are welcome to join.  We have three state officers at NIU that can take someone from petition through initiation all in the same night. The cost is free and the candidate need not be the son of a Mason.  The only requirement is a belief in a supreme being.

Blue Lightning Raises Ten in DeKalb!

Ten new Master Masons were raised at DeKalb Lodge on Saturday, March 15th. Brother Todd Metsker presided in the East for the vacationing Worshipful Master John Birkett. Brother Dale Corrice, Chairman of the Blue Lightning Committee for the Grand Lodge of Illinois, assisted in the organization and filled vacant chairs as required, as did District Deputy Grand Master the Right Worshipful Al Johnson. The turnout was good considering the weekend date and late winter schedule, and we are proud to number the new brothers among  the ranks of Master Masons.

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