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Message from the Worshipful Master

12. 02.

As a new year is upon us and we give thanks to all the Past Masters and previous officers who have gotten us to where we are. With the history and legacy of Columbus #30 the weight of carrying on where others have been so successful is great. Yet it is a duty I can carry with pride and the knowledge that I will do not only myself, but the Lodge and brethren proud!

My goal as master this year is simple to encourage all members to attend our stated meetings and increase the attendance of our existing membership. I have endeavored to remove all excuses. Need a ride? There are brethren in all areas of Columbus that attend lodge that would be happy to car pool. Wife doesn't want to be stuck home with the kids. One stated meeting a month my wife will be in attendance in the lounge with my children to give your wives someone to talk to and socialize with while you attend to lodge. Any and all issues can be overcome. Just communicate with myself, or the secretary and we will do everything within the length of our cable-tow to make sure you can come to lodge.

Open Installation of Officers 2009/2010

11. 24.

Nothing makes us more proud than when we can install fresh new officers in the line. Please feel free to extend a hand of congratulations to the 2009 / 2010 Columbus Lodge #30 Officer Line.

Annual Meeting

11. 12.

Our annual meeting and election of officers was successful. Installation to follow.

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