Bath Lodge No. 55
F.&A.M., Owingsville, KY  40360

A Brief History of Masonry in Bath County, Kentucky

Masonry was organized in Bath County in August 1819 when Webb Lodge #55 was founded, so named to honor Thomas Smith Webb, a world renowned authority on Masonic ritual.  With a wave of criticism sweeping Europe and the youthful America, Masonry found itself standing on shaky ground.  Thus, in 1834 the charter of Webb Lodge was surrendered and the next eleven (11) years found Masonry sleeping in Bath County.

In September, 1844, a dispensation was granted for a new lodge within Bath County, located at Owingsville, the county seat.  The name give was Maury Lodge #141 and on August 28, 1845, a charter was issued by the Grand Lodge of Kentucky for the same.  This charter, even though destroyed by a disastrous fire in 1920, has served as the governing agent for Masonry in Bath Lodge #55, continuously for one hundred fifty (150) years.  The present hall was purchased one year following the fire in 1921 for the amount of $3,900.00.

On August 24, 1854, a resolution was offered to change the name from Maury #141 to Bath #55, (the original number of Webb #55).  Bath Lodge today ranks as the 23rd oldest lodge in Kentucky with a current membership of 115 members.

Other lodges, now defunct which have been chartered within Bath County include; Trumbo Lodge #261 at Wyoming, in the northeastern portion of the county on the banks of the Licking River.  Chartered 1853 to 1862, it was re-chartered in 1868 and became defunct in 1883.  Newton Lodge #286 at Bethel Kentucky was chartered from 1854 to 1964.  Ramsey Lodge #730 located at Sharpsburg was so named to honor a Bath Countian of distinction who served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky in the year of 1900.  The charter was surrendered in 1964 when Newton #286 and Ramsey # 730 became Ramsey Newton #286.  This charter was surrendered in 1967 and several members affiliated with Bath #55 in Owingsville, Salt Lick Lodge #682 was granted a charter on October 17, 1893 and remains the only other active lodge within Bath County at this date.

To honor and remember Masonry in Bath County, the members of Bath #55, F. & A. M. voted on January 16, 1996 to commission to be made, two (2) Case collectors pocket knives, numbered and not to exceed five hundred (500) each for the purpose of commemorating the one hundred fifty (150) years of continuous history and service of Masonry in Bath County, Kentucky.