Valley of Terre Haute, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

New Scottish Rite Charities Visa Platinum Cards Available

We are very excited about this new opportunity to expand this incredibly successful program and provide rewards back to you, our member. Your Scottish Rite Charities have significantly benefited from you and your fellow brethren’s support of this program, but time is of the essence and a change must be made.

You can take advantage of US Bank’s March-April Promotion and go online to or call 1-800-853-5576 x 8431 and complete your application, before 4/15/05, to receive a $15 credit in your new account.

If you currently have an MBNA credit card, please note that effective January 1, 2005, your Scottish Rite Charities no longer receive any royalty payments from your purchases. To continue your on-going support of Scottish Rite, switch to the new US Bank Visa Card today!

After careful consideration of our relationship with MBNA, the leadership of Supreme Council determined that a change was needed when our contract ended as of 12/31/2004. Working expeditiously to set up a new program yet meet the terms of our contract with MBNA our new program was conceived and contracts approved in January. US Bank has worked diligently with the Supreme Council staff to launch this program in record speed!

The start up of this program includes an advance on future royalties of the program from US Bank to your Scottish Rite Charities.  After you submit an application, receive approval, and activate your new US Bank/Scottish Rite credit card, US Bank will give Scottish Rite Charities an instant cash payment. Additionally, every time you use your new US Bank Scottish Rite credit card, US Bank will donate a percentage of what you spend back to the Scottish Rite Charities.

US Bank has made it very easy for you become a part of this spectacular new program by providing very attractive promotional rates (see ) You’ll receive all these benefits, plus enjoy no annual fee. What reasons could you have to not open an account today?