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WML award 2006
”WML Award 2006”
Making Good Men Better

Geo. Washington Past Master Award


The George Washington Past Masters Award

The " Geo. Washington Past Master Award" depicts Brother and President Washington in the character of a past master. The graphic shows Brother Washington in a Lodge of Freemasons. A debt of gratutide is owed to John J. Kestly-George Washington Lodge 60/65, Rota Spain for this outstanding, historical graphic.

If you would like to apply for these awards, please click here: KISS Websites Awards

The Blues and greys Outstanding Site Award.


Masonic Award for Excellence

Dear Bro., Your site is awarded by our LA FRATERNITE No.54 Lodge, Brussels, Belgium :
LA FRATERNITE No.54 Lodge, Brussels, Belgium

(9-08-2006) Fraternity, my Bro.
Bro. Danny "Wally" G. Wallaert, RWM

The No-Evil Family-Site Award

Date: Monday, December 4, 2006 2:03 AM

Hello David,

You get the awards just because you have twice as many Masonic Web Sites then I do. Well, actually the sites deserve it also. 6 awards attached, Also you will find a retouched photo of Cherry Valley Lodge. I hate dark pictures.


The links for the sites are listed below,

Small Town Texas Masons
Small Town Texas Masons

Hempstead Lodge #749
Hempstead Lodge #749

Waller Lodge #808
Waller Lodge #808

Oak Forest Lodge #1398
Oak Forest Lodge #1398

M.W. & S,A, Dist. #108
M.W. & S,A, Dist. #108

Valley Hi Lodge #1407 AF & AM

Date: Monday, December 4, 2006 7:27 AM

Dear Brother:

Congratulations! Your sites are "Positive Masonic Presence(s) on the Web" and are certainly qualified to receive our 2006 Award. It was indeed a pleasure to visit your sites. Please find your Award attached. Best wishes to you and the Officers and Members of your Lodge and the Lodges served by your sites. Sincere fraternal regards, Steven A. Morrison, 33? Valley Secretary/Web Master

Valley of Philadelphia, AASR
Valley of Philadelphia, AASR

12/2/06 8:24 AM
Dear Bro. David, after careful review of all of your websites, I have found that they meet/exceed the requirements outlined in our Award criteria. Therefore, it is my order, as Webmaster of Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM, as well as my distinct honor and privilege, to present to you with the "Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM Freemasonry Around the World Award", for your outstanding efforts to promote our beloved Fraternity and for spreading the Light of Freemasonry to the online community worldwide. You have devoted quite some time on these sites and they have you to thank for your hard work and dedication!


Darrell G. Waddell - Webmaster
Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM   Louisville, Kentucky

Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM

King Solomon Award of Masonic Website Excellence!

King Solomon Award of Masonic Website Excellence!

C.F.Spencer Masonic Lodge No: 1384 A.F. & A.M.
December 6, 2006
My Brother,
It is with the utmost respect I present to you the King Solomon Award of Masonic Website Excellence! I find all of your Lodge Websites a compliment to the world of Free Masonry! For your pleasure please find attached the King Solomon Award for you to place upon all Websites to which you have submitted to me. Thank you once again for your request! Most Respectfully & Fraternally Yours, I Am, James Everett Whisman,Past Master & Webmaster C.F.Spencer Masonic Lodge No: 1384 A.F. & A.M. Pearland,Texas United States of America

Hiram Abiff, King of Egypt award

Link to Hiram Abiff King Of Egypt
" Hiram Abiff, King of Egypt award "
Award issued to The 3rd Northern District of the Grand Lodge of Illinois AF & AM
Award Issued on 12/31/2006 ©

The Award of "Working the masónica excellence" that is granted by the Respectable Symbolic Lodge of Temple no. 81 to These Web sites and to the Webmaster.

the masónica excellence awarded on January 1, 2007

Premio por Excelencia Masónica
Sitio Web

Premio obtenido Enero 01, 2007

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