Hanover Lodge, No. 152, Forestville. N. Y.

Hanover Lodge No. 392, Forestville,N.Y. was instituted as a "Country Lodge" on 5 Feb 1824. The meeting was held at the school-house near Eber Ferry's, and opened on the first degree of masonry.

The charter members were:

Luther Thwing, WM
Ezra Puffer, SW
Seth Snow, JW
Albert H. Camp, Secretary
Warren Griswold, Treasurer

Richard Smith
Ephraim Judson
Wm. Jones
Elijah Robinson



At the installation of the officers by the grand lodge, the record shows that, in the bills of expenses for the entertainment, the charge for liquor for gentlemen was $2.87, for ladies $3.87. This lodge was discontinued in 1828, as were many others, within a few years after the abduction of Morgan.
On 05 Oct 1849 this lodge was re-chartered as No. 152. Its first officers were:

Albert H. Camp, WM
Daniel B. Parsons, SW
William Colvill, JW
Rodney B. Smith, Treas. Pro tem
Isaac Boss, Sec'y
Marshall Cass, SD
Charles Brown, JD
Elisha Robinson, Tyler

WARRANT: The warrant in possession of the Lodge is dated June 5, 1874. The original warrant, which was destroyed by fire, was dated December 5. 1849. Name or number has never been changed.


Albert H. Camp, Master
Daniel B. Parsons. Senior Warden
William Colvill, Junior Warden
Rodney B. Smith, Treasurer
Isaac Boss. Secretary
Marshall Cass, Senior Deacon
Charles Brown. Junior Deacon
Elisha Robinson, Tiler

The present Hanover Lodge is the successor of Hanover Lodge. No. 392, which was instituted at Forestville February 5, 1824. The first meeting was held at the school-house near Eber Ferry's dwelling.

The first officers were:

Luther Thwing, Master
Ezra Puffer, Senior Warden
Seth Low, Junior Warden
Warren Griswold, Treasurer
Albert H. Camp, Secretary

with the following charter members

Richard Smith
William Jones
Ephraim Judson
Elijah Robinson

The revived Lodge first met in a place fitted as a Lodge room in the store building used by Colonel Camp: from, there it moved to the third story of what was known as the Sexton block. Here it remained until November 10, 1873, when this building was destroyed by fire and the Lodge lost all of its property, including all records. It afterwards secured quarters in the bank building, then in course of erection, where it still meets. The following excerpt from the minutes of the Grand Lodge at a session held June 6, 1851, throws some light upon the revival of the Lodge:

M\W\ HENRY C. ATWOOD, from the Committee on Grievances, presented a report in favor of granting the request of Hanover Lodge, that the sum of forty dollars be refunded to them, which amount they had paid to the Grand Lodge when they applied for and obtained a renewal of the old warrant of said Hanover Lodge, which was accepted and adopted." It appears from the foregoing facts that the present Hanover Lodge is and should be acknowledged as the legitimate successor of the Lodge instituted February 5, 1824.


1850 Albert H. Camp
1851 Albert H. Camp
1852 William Colvill
1853 Marshall Cass
1854 William Colvill
1855 William Colvill
1856 Adnah (sic) P. Parsons
1857 Albert W. Hull
1858 Horace M. Hooker
1859 Chandler Scott
1860 Albert W. Hull
1861 Albert W. Hull
1862 Albert W. Hull
1863 Adhan (sic) P. Parsons
1864 Albert W. Hull
1865 Albert W. Hull
1866 Albert W. Hull
1867 Albert W. Hull
1868 Albert W. Hull
1869 Horace Burgess
1870 Horace Burgess
1871 Horace Burgess
1872 Reuben B. Parmelee
1873 Reuben B. Parmelee
1874 Horace Bureess
1875 Albert W. Hull
1876 Albert W. Hull
1877 John P. Morrison
1878 John P. Morrison
1879 John P. Morrison
1880 Elon L. Horton
1881 Horace Burgess
1882 Horace Burgess
1883 Deane H. Griswold
1884 William H. Parsons
1885 William H. Parsons
1886 William H. Parsons
1887 Henry D. Gage
1888 Henry D. Gage
1889 John mcadam
1890 John mcadam
1891 Oliver M. Town
1892 Elon L. Horton
1893 Frank J. Knapp
1894 Frank J. Knapp
1895 William H. Parsons
1896 Alberht W. Hull
1897 George Burnham
1898 P. O. Tower
1899 Simeon L. Hurlbert
1900 Simeon L. Hurlbert
1901 Herbert P. White
1902 Herbert P. White
1903 Herbert P. White
1904 Albert G. Pierce
1905 Albert G. Pierce
1906 Albert G. Pierce
1907 Charles L. Dix
1908 Charles L. Dix