Irondequoit Lodge, No. 301. Dunkirk, New York

The original Charter dated June 11, 1853, is in possession of the Lodge.

Nameand number: The first name was Meridian Sun; this name was retaineduntil June 9, 1859, when, by resolution of the Grand Lodge it was changed to Irondequoit. The number has never been changed.

Irondequoit Lodge was organized during the autumn of 1851. The first meeting for the purpose of forming the Lodge was held in aroom at the rear of Daniel Lord's hardware store on Center Street. Meetingswere held during the winter and early spring and finally a petition wasprepared asking for a dispensation.


 W. V. Abell
Daniel G. Nevins
Jeremiah Tibbitts
George W. Walsh
Thomas Lipsey
Daniel Lord
O. Stoddard
E. R. Thompson
Daniel W. Wyman
Albert Griswold
George Benson
Timothy Monegan
Dwight Webb
W. L. Marr

The petition was recommended by Forest Lodge, No. 166, December 7, 1852, On December 30, 1852, a dispensation was issued by M\ W\ NELSON RANDALL, Grand Master. The first meeting under dispensation washeld in a room over a crockery store on East Front street on January 1, 1853,with the following as officers:

  Daniel W. Wyman
Dwight Webb
Daniel Lord
Albert Griswold
E. R. Thompson
W. L. Marr
Jeremiah Tibbitts
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon

Apetition for membership was received from Andrew A. Smith, who was the firstcandidate initiated, passed and raised by the Lodge. The Lodge continued towork until the annual communication of the Grand Lodge in June, 1853, when a Charter was granted which named the same officers as were named in the dispensation. TheLodge was constituted and the following officers publicly installed in theFirst Presbyterian Church on June 21, 1853, by R\ W\ William H. Drew:

  Daniel W. Wyman
Dwight Webb
Daniel Lord
Albert Griswold
E. R. Thompson
Jeremiah Tibbitts
Timothy Monegan
Sd- Gilmore
D. Gould
G. Leonard
Senior Warden
Junior warden
Junior Deacon

The Lodge continued to meet regularly for a short time, but unfortunately an element of discord gained entrance which caused some confusion. Some of the officers elected at the annual meeting in December, 1854, refused to serve and for some unexplained reason none of them were installed. No meetings were held until March 5th, when a communication from the Grand Master was read directing the delivery of the Charter to O. S. Winans, who had been elected Master at the December meeting.

The next meeting was held April 4th, when M\ W\ JOSEPH D. EVANS, Grand Master, was present and presided. He stated that his presence was to hear the grievances of the brethren and if possible heal the difficulty. He granted a dispensation to hold an election on the next evening, when Thomas P. Grosvenor was elected Master and George Adams Junior Warden. They were installed by the Grand Master. For some reason the Lodge did not prosper, and became financially embarrassed. On January 5, 1857, the Lodge decided to sell all of its property, the proceeds of such sale to be used in paying its debts; at the same time it voted to surrender its charter.

On January 19th a meeting' was held and a resolution was adopted to petition for a dispensation to be given to the members of Meridian Sun Lodge, but under the name of Irondequoit.

This petition, which is on file in the office of the Grand Secretary, is dated January 21, 1857, and signed by thirty-four members of Meridian Sun Lodge, four members of Forest Lodge and seven from other Lodges.

The petitioners nominated as officers:


Senior Warden
Junior Warden

On January 31, 1857, a dispensation was issued by M\ W\ JOHN L. LEWIS, JR., Grand Master, which named Stephen M. Doyle Senior Warden in place of John S. Beggs.

The Lodge continued to work under dispensation until May 22, 1857. At a session of the Grand Lodge held June 5, 1857, the Committee on Warrants made a report which contained the following:

"The petition of certain members of Meridian Sun Lodge, No. 301, at Dunkirk, to surrender their charter, and that a. new charter be granted to the petitioners by the name of Irondequoit Lodge, to be held at the same place, and as a substitute for Meridian Sun Lodge, your Committee recommend should not be granted; and that the charter of Meridian Sun Lodge, which was surrendered to the Grand Master on' receiving their dispensation, be returned to the petitioners for Irondequoit Lodge."

This report was laid on the table and on the following day, "The report of the Committee on Warrants was taken up, amended and adopted."

What the amendment was is not stated, but the Lodge continued to work under the old name. The following year this matter was again brought before the Grand Lodge and on June 4, 1858, the Committee on Warrants made a report which contained the following:

"Meridian Sun Lodge, No. 301, asks to change its name to that of Irondequoit. We recommend that the prayer of the petition be granted."

"In the matter of grievances of some of the members of Meridian Sun Lodge, No. 301, Dunkirk, your Committee respectfully report: That in their opinion those brothers have cause of complaint, and would respectfully refer the whole subject to the M\ W\ Grand Master of this Grand Lodge, and request him to appoint commissioners" or take any other action he may deem proper to adopt in the premises."

This report was adopted. In the following year the matter was again referred to the Committee on Warrants. At a session of the Grand Lodge held June 9, 1859, this committee made a favorable report and the application to change the name to Irondequoit was granted. The first meeting under the new name was held on June 24, 1859; the Lodge retaining its original number and warrant.

In October, 1854, the Lodge moved into a new building erected by Stillman and Williams on Center street, where it remained until 1868, when it moved into the Heyl block on Central Avenue. Its present quarters are in the Masonic Temple, which was erected in 1908-09. The corner stone of this Temple 'was laid June 27, 1908, by M\ W\ S. NELSON SAWYER, Grand Master.

The Lodge was represented at the laying of the corner stone of the State Arsenal at Dunkirk in May, 1858, the laying of the corner stone of the State Normal School at Fredonia, August 8, 1867, the laying of the corner stone of the Home at Utica, May 21, 1891, the dedication of same, October 5, 1892, and the laying of the corner stone of the Court House at Mayville, July 24, 1907.

Scarcely had the tocsin of war been sounded in 1861 when the members of the Lodge took measures to organize a company of volunteers to defend the Union.


Caspar K. Abell
Samuel Bailey
Patrick Barrett
Stephen M. Doyle.
Hugh C. Hinman.
John H. Howard. 1Lt.
Charles K. Irwin.
Daniel Loeb. 2Lt, Co H.
E. H. (A.?) Ludwick.
Leopold Marcus. 1Lt. Co. H.
William H. Post. Capt. Co. F.
William O. Stevens.
E. H. (A.?) Ludwick.
George S. Talcott

Caspar K. Abell , born Fredonia, New York, November 27th, 1827. Enlisted, May 15th, 1861. First Lieutenant, June 20th, 1861. Captain, June 25th, 1861. Major, May 3rd, 1863. Mustered out with the regiment. He engaged in mercantile business at Dunkirk, New York, soon after his return from the army, which he continued.



SamuelBailey , Sgt Maj, 21 Jun 1861; promoted to 2Lt, Co. B. 1 Nov 1861.

Capt. Patrick Barrett, 72nd New York Infantry, died 5 May 1863, of woundsreceived in action at Willlamsburg, Va.

Captain Stephen M. Doyle, 3rd Regiment, 72nd New York Infantry.
Killed by a minie ball, who, upon this occasion (Malvern Hill, 1 Jul 1862), as before at Williamsburg, Fair Oaks and in the action of the 30th of June, was conspicuous for his gallantry. He was an accomplished officer, an ornament to the regiment and to the service, and he fell as a true soldier falls.

Adjutant H. C. Hinman, Adjutant
2nd Lieut. H. C. Hinman was promoted to First Lieut. By Col. Nelson Taylor. Promoted from 1st Lieutenant April 29,1862 to Adjutant. Resigned on December 25th, 4862


CHARLES K. IRWIN , born Colborne, Ontario, July 8th, 1824 Practiced dentistry at Oshawa, Ontario, for several years during which time he studied medicine. Took the courseof study at the Rolph School of Medicine at Toronto, Ontario. Graduated from the medical college at Albany, New York, June, 1856. Settled in Dunkirk, New York, and began the practice of medicine







Colonel Ephraim A. Ludwick , 8 Apr 1836; d. 27 Sep 1887; 112th NY Infantry Vols. Forestville, NY





Col. Wm. O. Stevens, 72nd New York Infantry; killed 3 May 1863 in action at Chancellorsvllle, Va.


GEORGE S. TALCOTT, Age, 23 years. Enrolled at Jamestown, to serve three years, andmustered in as second lieutenant, Co. C, August 16, 1862; as first lieutenant,May 31, 1864; as captain, Co. I, October 12, 1864; mustered out with company,June 13, 1865, at Raleigh, NC. Commissioned second lieutenant, October 27,1862, with rank from August 1G, 18(52, original; first lieutenant, May 31,1864, with rank from February 11, 1864, vice G. L. Pierce, promoted; captain,September 16, 1864, with rank from August 2, 1864, vice G. F. Mount, notmustered.


1853 Daniel W. Wyman
1854 W. L. Marr
1854 O. S. Winans
1855 Thomas P. Grosvenor
1856 Thomas P. Grosvenor
1857 Thomas P. Grosvenor
1858 Thomas P. Grosvenor
1859 Stephen M. Doyle
1860 Stephen M. Doyle
1861 Stephen M. Doyle
1862 S. D. Caldwell
1863 David Russell
1864 David Russell
1865 C.K. Irwin
1866 S. Mosley Smith
1867 A. H. Libby
1868 S. Mosley Smith
1869 A. R. Libby
1870 Laurens G. Risley
1871 Laurens G. ,Risley
1872 E. D. R. Randall
1873 E. D. R. Randall
1874 William Zimmermann
1875 William Zimmermann
1876 Laurens G. Risley
1877 S. Mosley Smith
1878 John Hilliard
1879 John Hilliard
1880 Charles Blood
1881 Henry C. Buffington
1882 Henry C. Buffington
1883 Laurens G. Risley
1884 George F. Seybolt
1885 Thomas M. Morian
1886 Thomas M. Morian
1887 Byron G. Bailey
1888 Henry C. Buffington
1889 George F. Seybolt
1890 George F. Seybolt
1891 H. J. Gibbs, Jr
1892 William WeIner
1893 William WeIner
1894 William T. Murray
1895 William T. Murray
1896 Edward L. Clement
1897 Edward L. Clement
1898 Allen L. Reagan
1899 John W. Ware
1900 John W. Ware
1901 Hiram A. Matteson
1902 Hiram A. Matteson
1903 Henry E. Lyon
1904 Henry B. Lyon
1905 Seth M. Hamilton
1906 John C. Boye
1907 John C. Boye
1908 George B. Urmy
1909 George B. Urmy
1910 O. C. Segebarth
1911 William W. Heppell
1912 Milton C. Heights
1913 Leland S. Stearns

Men in Public Life

  Thomas P. Grosvenor, County Judge
William O. Stevens, District Attorney
John S. Beggs, Water Commissioner
William Bookstaver, Mayor
M. L. Kinman, Mayor
WilliamZimmerman, Mayor
LawrensG. Risley, President of Village
C.M. Reed, Postmaster
DavidRussell, Supervisor
S.M. Smith, Councilman
B.G. Bailey, Councilman
CharlesBlood, Coroner
H.James, Mayor
HenryB. Lyon, Mayor
F.B. Barnard, Postmaster
R.H. Heppell, City Clerk


  Laurens G. Risley, District Deputy Grand Master
Henry C. Buffington, District Deputy Grand Master
Henry B. Lyon, District Deputy Grand Master
John W. Ware, District Deputy Grand Master