Sword Presentation

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On March 6, 2007, Brother James A. Pinotti, Past Master of Willis Stewart Lodge in 1986, graciously donated a wonderful sword (A U. S. Marine Corps NCO Saber) with scabbard to Willis Stewart Lodge, so that it may be kept in the archives of the Lodge. Below is a couple of photographs of that event. The first picture is that of Bro. Pinotti, presenting the sword to our current Master, Bro. Troy L. Vincent, PM. The second picture is that of the sword and its scabbard by themselves. Our deepest thanks and appreciation goes out to Bro. Pinotti, for such a wonderful gesture!


About the U. S. Marine Corps NCO Saber:

Noncommissioned officers of the Marine Corps hold the distinction of being the only NCOs in any branch of the regular United States Armed Forces who still have the honor of carrying a commissioned officer's weapon. The NCO sword is one of the oldest U.S. weapons (second only to the Mameluke sword) still in use today. The sword still being issued today to noncommissioned officers was originally adopted by the War Department as the sword for foot officers of the infantry. In 1859, commissioned officers of the Marines adopted that same sword finding it more serviceable than the lighter Mameluke type saber adopted after the young nation sent forces to battle the Bey of Tripoli. Following the rapid developments in the repeating rifle after the Civil War, the sword became an encumbrance in the field and more the symbol of military tradition than a weapon.

The sword has not changed much from the original. The fishskin covered handle has been replaced with leather covered wood with brass wire, and the letters "U.S.M.C." etched on the reverse side have been replaced by "United States Marines". The blade is government spec stainless steel with a brass hilt and pommel with full length tang. The scabbard is metal covered in black leather with a brass throat and tip.

Thanks to Lukas Dwelly for the above research on the U S Marine Corp NCO Saber

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