By-Laws of the Lodge

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BY-LAWS 2004

             Section 1-The title of the Lodge shall be Willis Stewart Lodge No. 224, Free and Accepted Masons.


            Section 2-The warrant of this Lodge is a charter granted on August 27, 1851 by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Kentucky, F. & A. M., whose constitutional rules and edicts the most implicit respect and obedience shall ever be paid by its members.


            Section 3-The meetings of this Lodge shall be either stated or called. The stated meetings shall be held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, beginning at 7:30 P. M. oíclock. Called meetings may be held by order of the Worshipful Master. Members are, in that event, to be notified by the Secretary of the Lodge only after motion to send cards has been passed by the Lodge.


            Section 1-The elective officers of the Lodge shall consist of the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, Secretary, Chaplain, Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Master Steward, Senior Steward, Junior Steward and Tiler. Three Trustees shall be elected, on a rotating basis, with one Trustee being elected each year to a three-year term. The annual election shall be held at a stated meeting in December. The Secretary shall notify the members of the date, time and place of the election. Elections shall be held in the Master Mason Degree. No Brother shall be deemed elected to any office unless he has the majority of all votes cast. Should none receive the majority on the first ballot for any office, only the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast shall be balloted for again until the desired result is had.


            Section 2-The appointed Officers of this Lodge may consist of an Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Chaplain, Steward and Marshal. The Worshipful Master may appoint any of the foregoing at his discretion.


            Section 3-A member to be eligible for the office of Worshipful Master must first have served as a Warden of a Lodge in this Grand Jurisdiction, or he shall have previously been installed as Master of a Lodge in Kentucky. No Brother shall be elected Master of this Lodge unless he shall have proved his proficiency in all three degrees and obtained a Grand Lodge Certificate of Proficiency.


            Section 4-Black tuxedos are to be worn by all Officers beginning the first stated meeting on or after the commencement of Eastern Standard Time through the last day before the commencement of Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Dark blue sport coats with gray trousers and white shirts and neckties shall be worn by all Officers beginning the first stated meeting on or after the commencement of Eastern Daylight Saving Time through the last day before the commencement of Eastern Standard Time.


            Section 1-The Worshipful Master shall have it in his special charge to see that the By-Laws, Regulations of the Grand Lodge, and ancient usages of Freemasonry are duly observed, and that subordinate Officers discharge their respective duties; also that fair and accurate records of the Lodge are kept and that just accounts are rendered. He shall, at all times, require the observance of the strictest decorum and propriety especially during the conferring of degrees when quietness must be maintained. In occurrences of a grave nature, he should confer with his Brother Officers.


            Section 1-The Wardens are to assist the Worshipful Master in the government of the Lodge according to the By-Laws and usages of Freemasonry. In the absence of the Worshipful Master the duties of the Chair devolve upon the Senior Warden, and in his absence, upon the Junior Warden. At the pleasure of the Wardens, a Past Master present may be requested to occupy the Masterís Chair.


            Section 1-The Treasurer shall receive all monies due the Lodge from the hands of the Secretary, giving his receipt therefore, and shall pay them out on order of the Worshipful Master with approval of the Lodge. He shall deposit in such banking institution as the Lodge may direct. His books shall be ready for examination prior to the first stated meeting in December and at any other time when called upon by the Lodge. He shall turn over all books, papers and monies to his successor in office. He shall receive such compensation as directed by the Lodge. He serves on the Board of Trustees by virtue of his office. The Assistant Treasurer (if appointed) shall assist in the foregoing duties.


            Section 1-It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep accurate minutes of the proceedings of the Lodge, keep accurate accounts between the Lodge and its members and others, receive all monies due the Lodge paying them over to the Treasurer and taking his receipt therefore. He shall perform such other duties as the Lodge may require. He shall receive such compensation as directed by the Lodge. He serves on the Board of Trustees by virtue of his office. The Assistant Secretary (if appointed) shall assist in the foregoing duties.


            Section 1-The Senior and Junior Deacons, along with the Stewards, shall welcome and introduce visiting Brethren to the assembled craft, receive and conduct candidates through the ceremonies of initiating, passing and raising, deliver papers, resolutions and messages to the Master, Wardens and Secretary during Lodge assembled. The Stewards shall prepare the tables at refreshment and assist in the collection of dues and subscriptions.


            Section 1-It shall be the duty of the Tiler to faithfully tile the Lodge, keep the Lodge room clean, light and warm, or see that it is done. He shall see that all Lodge paraphernalia is kept in proper condition and ready for use on notice. He shall receive such compensation as determined by the Lodge.


            Section 1-The Trustees shall be empowered to buy and sell financial instruments of equal value at anytime. They shall be empowered to transfer funds from the Trust Account to Willis Stewart Lodge No. 224 for the purpose of meeting Lodge obligations that occur above the normal income of the Lodge.


            Section 1-All petitions for initiation in this Lodge shall be recommended by two Master Masons who are members of the Lodge. Each petition must be accompanied by two hundred dollars and presented at a stated meeting. The Worshipful Master shall appoint an investigating committee of three Master Masons, members of this Lodge, to inquire into the character and fitness of the petitioner and report thereon in one lunar month, unless given further time by the Worshipful Master. Upon the report of the Investigating Committee, the ballot may be taken. Unanimity is required to declare the petitioner elected. If elected, failing to come forth for initiation within six months, his fee shall be declared forfeited and the entire proceedings shall be null and void. If the petitioner is rejected his initiation fee will be returned. The Investigating Committee shall inform the petitioner of the above.


            Section 1-The fees in this Lodge shall be as follows: two hundred dollars accompanying the petition, which includes the fees for initiation, the Entered Apprentice Degree, Fellowcraft degree and the Master Mason Degree.


            Section 1-All petitions for membership shall be received and acted upon as in the case of petitions for initiation.


            Section 2-No petition for membership into this Lodge shall be received from a Brother that is not accompanied by a demit from the Lodge of which he was last a member, or a current dues card stating that he has paid dues for at least three months in advance of the petition and a letter requesting his demit from his present Lodge.


            Section 1-Life Membership may be granted to members of this Lodge that the Lodge deems worthy for past service to the Lodge or for outstanding service to humanity. Life Membership may be purchased by any member of the Lodge in good standing for the amount of $500.


     Section 1-Regarding the right of the ballot box as sacred, and the exercise of its powers the inheritance of every member of the fraternity, any Brother communicating to another the character of his ballot, either for or against a candidate shall be guilty of gross un-Masonic conduct.


            Section 1-The annual dues of this Lodge shall be an amount set by the Lodge, plus Grand Lodge dues and assessments. All dues must be paid in advance and are due January 1 of each year. No Brother shall be suspended for non-payment of dues until he shall have been notified by registered or certified mail or personal service of the amount of his indebtedness and of the stated communication at which the Lodge will consider the question of his suspension for such non-payment, which notice shall be given not less than twenty-eight days prior to the date of such hearing. Notice of suspension shall be mailed or served to the member.


            Section 1-The Worshipful Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden shall constitute the Finance Committee whose duty it shall be to examine annually, prior to the first stated meeting in December, the accounts and records of the Treasurer and Secretary and the Board of Trustees at such time and place as they determine. The Committee shall report to the Lodge, in writing, at the annual meeting. All members of the Committee should sign the report prior to submitting it to the Lodge.


            Section 2-The Worshipful Master and Wardens constitute a committee of relief for the sick and distressed of the Lodge, and the Worshipful Master is authorized to draw upon the Treasurer for the relief of any member any sum not to exceed $500. If more than this sum is necessary, the matter should be referred to the Lodge for approval. No funds of this Lodge shall be loaned to any member of this Lodge for any purpose or in any event whatsoever.


            Section 1-Special committees shall be appointed for investigation and any other matters at the discretion of the Worshipful Master.


            Section 2-Special committees for investigation shall report one lunar month subsequent to their appointment, unless permission is grated from the Worshipful Master for additional time. Members who are appointed to serve upon investigating committees are bound in Masonic honor to report their findings to the Lodge without fear or favor.


            Section 3-All other special committees shall report at the direction of the Worshipful Master.


            Section 1-The Lodge may hold an annual memorial service for deceased members at the discretion of the Worshipful Master and by approval of the Lodge.


            Section 1-No visitor shall be admitted into the Lodge unless he is known or vouched for in open Lodge by a Master Mason, known to the Lodge. In the event a visitor cannot be vouched for, the Worshipful Master shall appoint an examination committee consisting of three or more Master Masons and if their report is favorable the visitor shall be admitted.


            Section 1-All balloting for membership shall be done in a Lodge of Master Masons.


            Section 1-The order of business of the Lodge shall be as follows:


Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America.


Recognition of distinguished and other visitors.

Reading of the minutes.
Reports upon petitions.
Correspondence from sister Lodges.
Sick and distressed.
Reports-special committees.
Reports-standing committees.
Unfinished business.
New business.
Degree work.
Good of the order.

            Section 1-No part of these By-Laws shall be repealed, suspended or amended unless the same shall have been presented and read in open Lodge at a regular meeting and laid over one month, previous to voting on the same. If two-thirds of the membership present votes in favor of the motion, it shall be adopted. All members are to be notified according to the manner prescribed by the Book of Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, F. & A. M.


            Notice of intent to amend the By-Laws was published in the November, 2004 issue of the Willis Stewart Lodge newsletter. These By-Laws were unanimously adopted by the members present at the stated meeting held on December 7, 2004. These By-Laws approved by the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, By-Laws Committee.


Kenneth L. Meredith, PM, Secretary

Chairman, By-Laws Committee


            Every member intending to speak shall rise and address the Master of the Lodge. While speaking he shall not be interrupted unless he deviates from the subject, or be guilty of indecorum or transgress the rules of order, when the Master, or any member through the Master, may call him to order.


            When a Brother is called to order he shall immediately take his seat and shall not be permitted to speak again without leave.


            No Brother shall speak more than twice on the same subject without permission of the Master.


            If more than one Brother claim the floor at the same time, the Master shall order him to proceed who, in the Masterís opinion, was the first up.


            While the Master is addressing the Lodge or a Brother no one shall leave his seat or hold private discourse.


            Impassioned expressions shall be avoided in discussions on the floor of the Lodge.


            Every resolution shall be reduced to writing.


            No Brother shall be permitted to enter or leave the Lodge while the ballot is being spread or open, except the Tiler and the Junior Deacon.

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