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Rick Messinger..........................W.M.
Terry Webb.........................Secretary


Vol. 76 No. 6 1a  -  g.l.c. 37  -  June 2006

Welcome Brothers,

It was with great honor this month that we awarded Brother Thurman Collins for 50 years of service to Wayne Lodge. Brother Collins graciously accepted a seat in the East, and I must say, it was indeed an honor to have him join me! Thank you and congratulations Brother!!

Once again we've been very busy with degree work Brethren. I would like to thank all those that contribute to the success of raising these new Brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason without delay. By the time you get this we will have raised three more Brothers into our honorable Fraternity.

We had one of our members retire to that Eternal Lodge; Brother James (Max) Snodgrass, who departed this life March 28th, 2006. A Lodge of Sorrow was held on March 31st, 2006. He will be dearly missed by all, but most especially his lady, Beatrice. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and the rest of his family.

The Education committee gave a short talk on “What is Masonry”, suggested by our esteemed Brother Collins. Very deliteful indeed. The Communication Committee reported that most all calls have been made for the first half of the year and will be creating a report for the next stated meeting. And from the Ritual Committee; In the coming dark months we will be having practice for all degrees for those that would like to participate, where all officers will be expected. Dates will be announced at our next stated meeting and the next issue of the Square and Compass.

Also at our stated meeting we heard from the Standing committee where the Worshipful Master offered a moment of prayer for two ladies. Brother Andrew Adams lady, Kelly, who underwent two surguries recently and is now reportedly doing well. And Brother Bill Kerley's lady, Carolyn who was in a very bad car accident with many injuries. She is at home now and starting to make amends. We pray that they come out of these stronger and hopefully healthier.

That is all for this month.. and don't forget to purchase your Scrip Cards!

Rick Messinger, WM

Vol. 76 No. 5 1a  -  g.l.c. 37  -  May 2006

Welcome Brothers,

It feels great outside! Spring is here. People have already starting to do yard work and nature has let us know that the seasons have changed. Much like our Lodge has been changing. It has been a very busy month at Wayne Lodge. We have raised four more men to the sublime degree of Master Mason, brothers Greg Nowak, Andrew Bell, Nicholas Roth and John Uecker!. We now have investigating committees to report on four more men with more to be voted and balloted on for this month.

We had a very pleasant meeting this month, great dinner and we shared it with our friends and brothers from Waynedale Lodge #739. We will be returning the favor of brotherhood in the very near future. Thank you for joining with us brothers!

The committee's are hard at work. We've run into some road blocks for some of the things we wanted to do to help raise money for our building renovation and preservation, but it will not stop us. We are coming up with new ideas and will report on them again next month. The Family committee has narrowed down the second weekend of June for our Family pitchin picnic. We will be sending out a flier with all the details soon. It should be a lot of fun so mark your calendars. The rest of the committee's have reported favorable progress as well and I look forward to hearing more.

Work on our Temple is continuing and will continue. As a reminder, if you have particular skills that you can offer you are encouraged to call our Secretary or the building manager.

We've also made some changes to our website with updates to the calendar etc coming soon. Check it out if you have internet access. If you do not; please call me and I will send you a hard copy of it.

I look forward to seeing you in Lodge!

Richard Allen Messinger, WM

Vol. 76 No. 4 1a  -  g.l.c. 37  -  April 2006

Hello from the East Brothers,

We had an enjoyable stated meeting this month brothers. In opening lodge the WM muffed things a bit, in due form with the word.  He didn't get the word wrong - he just forgot he needed to give it.  Immediately after we gave brother Elmo Gibson his 50 year pin.  Congratulations again to Brother Gibson!  There is a photo slide show link on the web site, thanks to brother Bill Smith, and photos on the website.  The SD had a busy night with the ballot box for the four candidates, I think Russ will need a new pair of shoes.  You can see pictures of the new Brothers on our website as well.

We heard reports from each of the Committees and it sounds like things are moving right along for the year.  The Charity committee has outlined a fund raising event for the 216 foundation and will present more detail next month. The Communications committee has cooked up a member database (thank you Nathan for such fine work!) and shared some of the stats of the lodge membership. They are in phase one of calling everyone to see how they are and so forth. Expect to hear from one of the committee members over the next couple months.  The Family committee has outlined a plan for a picnic pitch in at Brother Silva's house. No firm date yet.  The Fellowship committee has cooked up a golf tourney with more info to come (will take place during a dark month though).  If you have any input on the above please see any member of that committee.

The Secretary announced the Grand Area Conference at Waynedale Lodge on Mar 22nd at 7:00pm.  And also a reminder of the one day class at Waynedale on March 18th.

Of course the important part was the fine dinner - once again - by Kristi and Pat, Lemon Chicken, Mmmmmm and Birthday Cake for Mahlon!  If you weren't there you truly missed out.

Rick Messinger, WM

Vol. 76 No. 3 1a  -  g.l.c. 37  -  March 2006

Welcome Brothers,

January brought three new petitions that had investigating committees dispatched, reports were favorable and degree work has already started. We should have five more to vote on next month as well. This is great momentum for the start of the year, lets see what we can do to bring in more. Please also volunteer your time for investigating committees if you have not done so already. The ritual committee will be outlining practice nights for those that would like it. If you would like to learn more about rituals or would like to participate, see the SW or a member of the Ritual committee.

A reminder that all committee chairmen will need to report at each stated meeting. If you are the chairmen and can not make the meeting please have another member report on your behalf.

If you are among the late in paying your dues, see the lodge Secretary to bring yourself up-to-date. There is a cost in being delinquent brothers, lets not add negativity to our balance sheets; call the lodge secretary today.

Temple preservation is in high gear. If you can offer assistance please see anyone on the building committee, myself or our secretary. There are many things that need to be done, call and see what you can do to help!

Richard Allen Messinger, WM

Vol. 76 No. 2 1a  -  g.l.c. 37  -  February 2006

Welcome Brothers,

In December we had a good turnout for the Feasts of Saints John. Thank you to those that attended and brought out a good presence for Wayne Lodge!

Officers meeting for the year went very well; We met at the Shrine, had a good dinner and discussed much. We discussed the formation of several new committees to address the needs of our Lodge and of Masonry, and participation therein. If you need a copy of this and would like to participate please contact me or our Secretary. One of the biggest discussions of the meeting was on charity. I think it was unanimous that our foremost charity this year, is our building. I attended the presentation put on by the building committee, in which attendance was very low, and if you were otherwise unaware, we have some serious needs for our building. If you have ideas or know of a person that could assist us in saving our building by way of grants, donations or otherwise, please contact me or our Secretary or any member of the building committee.

It was put forth as a challenge by our Secretary, that each and every member bring in a new brother this year. Let's see what we can do to increase our membership and grow Wayne Lodge!

Richard Allen Messinger, WM

Vol. 76 No. 1 1a  -  g.l.c. 37  -  January 2006

Welcome Brothers, to a new year with Wayne Lodge!

As your newest Worshipful Master i'd like to thank those around me for taking the time to help develop me and our Lodge.

I look forward to the comming year with great anticipation. Although we have huge challenges ahead of us, I feel in my heart that we will grow, prosper, and become a stronger brotherhood for it.

If you haven't attended lodge in a while, I encourage you to do so. Get involved in the decision making process and most of all let's have some fun.

Please check the calendar for events. If you have web access go to our website at either:  www.waynelodge.org or mastermason.com/waynelodge and click on calendar.

Richard A. Messinger, WM

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