The Waitohi Lodge No. 111
of Antient, Free & Accepted Masons
(Founded 1884)
Under the Constitution of
The Grand Lodge of Antient Free & Accepted Masons of New Zealand

The Lodge meets at 7.30 pm on
the 4th Thursday each month
except December when it meets
on the 2nd Wednesday and April
when the Installation meeting
is held at 2.30pm on the 4th

Waitohi Lodge room


  • Tony. Tel. (03) 578 2040 or  E-mail
  • Warren. Tel (03) 573 7392
  • George. Tel.  (03) 573 7514 0 or  E-mail

All Visitors Welcome.
Dress Formal.

The Lodge Rooms
25 Devon Street, Picton,
New Zealand


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