Valley Hi Masonic
#1407 A.F. & A.M.

San Antonio, Texas

Brother John Foster
Worshipful Master 1986 - 1987

Bro John Foster, Worshipful Master 1986-1987
Awaiting Installation. R-L. Bro Foster Worshipful Master; Bro Rushing Senior Warden; Bro Borum Junior Warden; Bro Burkey Secretary; Bro. Konopasek, Chaplain; Bro Anderson, Senior Deacon; Bro Clontz, Junior Deacon; Bro Scherff,Senior Steward; Bro Carroll, Junior Steward; Bro Vasovski, Tiler
(R-L.) Bro Foster; Bro Rushing; Bro Borum receive token of appreciation from outgoing Worshipful Master Bro Eshleman
Awaiting Installation. R-L. Worshipful Master Foster (front row third from left ) and lodge officers for year 1986-1987.with outgoing Worshipful Master Bob Eshleman. (front row fourth from left.

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