Valley Hi Masonic
#1407 A.F. & A.M.

San Antonio, Texas

The Masters Message

My brothers and friends. I am so grateful to all the brethren for having elected me to the East. It is an honor that I will always remember and cherish. I pledge to you that I will do my best to fill the shoes of all those who have gone before me. The seat gets "hotter" and the challenges increase every day and I an sure they can and will continue as the days go by. but with the help of the Supreme Architect of the Universe and the aid. assistance and prayers of you. the brethren. I'm sure we will have a good year for Freemasonry and Valley-Hi Lodge.

Needless to say the operation of the Lodge is not a one man job. There's a need for each and everyone of us to be a part of it and do our part to promote our Craft throughout the land. No one knows as much as all of us and so it is that I ask you to lend your talent, thoughts. ideas, and support to our effort that will make our fraternity even better. No idea or thought is too small or unworthy of consideration. Someone once said that if you build a better mouse trap they will beat their way to your door. There is plenty of room for a better mouse trap so present your suggestions and concerns and let us round table them and see what we can do with it. We need all the help and inspiration we can get. We need to increase attendance and participation in Lodge activities. We need to improve our financial status so that we can accomplish some of the improvements that we sorely need and want. Call me with your ideas at the Lodge 673-3731 or at home, 674-9421. I'd love to talk to you about it. Again this year. the ladies of the Eastern Star Chapter will tackle the dinner for our stated meetings. They did a super job in previous years and I'm sure they will find ways to make it even better this year. if that's possible

Belated Thanks to the Rainbow Girls

Last January when we had our Annual Lodge Banquet we were privileged to have members of the Helotes Rainbow Girls assist in serving our dinner. Unfortunately we failed to obtain the names and appropriate identification information to send them an appropriate letter of appreciation and to say thank you for a job well done. Although it has been six months since they provided such outstanding service we would be remiss if we failed to thank them publicly, so at this time we wish to publicly apologize for our failure to act in a timely manner and at the same time say we sincerely appreciate the outstanding service performed by such a dedicated group of individuals.

The group was headed by Ms. Cookie Carreon, Mother Advisor, Helotes Assembly 377 Rainbow Girls and Ariana Reyes, Grand Faith, Grand Assembly of Texas IORG and Sabrina Garcia, Junior Member Grand Exec Comm, Grand Assembly of Texas IORG.

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Worshipful Master Tuma Expresses Gratitude
Thanks for making it special.

Being worshipful master of this lodge has given me one of the happiest 12 months of my life. I would like to thank all of the officers and members for the precious time, support, and loyalty, and above all the sense of commitment that each of you have brought to this lodge.

For those that have the privilege to go thru the stations and places, a person has the chance to form some of the longest lasting and close friendships they will ever make. While the year moved relatively quickly, and as I look back, I wish there had been just a little more time to see some of the projects to completion. I am honored to say that this year has been great with your help.

My hope and wish is that worshipful master Jim Lovely, and his officers, will receive the same open arms that welcomed me in this lodge, and I wish him great success!!

I would like to personally thank my officers for all their support and input during my term. They were a tremendous group of leaders, each with so much to add and offer from their experiences. I will always have fond memories of each and every one of you. To PM Jesse Garza who installed me, to PM Bill Rushing, my program chairman, which made my year easy, and came up with excellent lodge programs, to PM's Frank Tijerina, and Dave Wolfe as instructors for us. to PM Andy Hentschel, for getting us a candidate for the Lamar Medal, to our Senior Warden, Jim Lovely and Junior Warden, Chuck Richards, who provided me their outstanding support, to the SD, Bro. Juan Castro who came up with some fund raising programs, and to our JD , PM Bob Bordeaux, a great job in your places. To our stewards, Tim Long and Bill Gillis, for great dinners for all of our stated and special meetings. a great job.

For all our appointed officers I thank you so much for your support. To the ones that help maintain the upkeep and cleanliness of our lodge inside and well as outside lawn, Marvin Lee, Chuck Richards, Jim Lovely, Andres Rivera, Don Mahoney, Burton Buck, I thank you so very much for your dedication and hard work you put in.

To PM Willie Pitts for keeping me in the right direction and providing me with his expert guidance. Thanks Willie.

And to our chaplain, PM Gary Dudley who provided our spiritual guidance and at times short Masonic talks.

And last but not least our treasurer, RW PM Joe Paez, who as treasurer and district deputy of our district was a special honor to have served you.

I wish to thank all the wives and families who have supported their husbands this year..

Again I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of the officers, and members of this lodge for providing me the opportunity to serve you.

May God bless us and our fraternity in the coming year and years to come.

Page 2       The Cornerstone       July 1, 2008
Worshipful Master Thanks “George”

During his installation ceremony, Worshipful Master Jim Lovely thanked the brothers and guests for their attendance and for the trust and confidence they had in him to afford him the opportunity to serve as the Worshipful Master of Valley-Hi Lodge. He explained that he realized the challenges that lie ahead of him as leader of the lodge but expressed his confidence that with their help, aid and assistance he felt there is no challenge that we can’t meet and overcome.

He took the opportunity to give a little of his Masonic background that he felt appropriate to the occasion. He told of his “ mentor”. He said “when I went through the degrees there was an elderly Filipino gentleman named George. At that time I fully intended to retire and live in the Islands after the Navy and he was all for that and so was his family. After being raised we were on our way to the celebration that was being held for newly raised master masons of the lodge. I think I made some remark that …”now that I have made it to master mason, I didn't have anywhere else to go.” In response, George stated "now that you are a Master Mason your next goal should be to be Master of your Lodge". I think he had Cavite #2 in mind as I would have been living in Cavite City.

Unfortunately my plans were not to be. After I left I maintained contact with him for a number of years. George passed away in the mid 70s and I stopped paying dues to the lodge after that.

”“I know George is watching tonight from up above and so to him say George I made it.”

The master continued with introductions and greetings and after which closed the lodge and invited everyone to Dimmitt Hall for refreshments.

Two Officers Designated Title of Emeritus

At the June stated meeting the lodge voted to pay special recognition to two brothers for their longtime devotion to serving the lodge in the capacity of treasurer and secretary respectively. As they were completing their designated “officer” position the lodge voted that Brother Joe Paez and Brother Willie Pitts be designated Emeritus. The motion was unamaniously approved.

As stated in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Emeritus is an adjective that is used in the title of a retired professor, bishop, or other professional. The term is used when a person of importance in a given profession retires, so that his or her former rank can be used in his or her title. This is particularly useful when establishing the authority of a person who might have to comment, lecture or write on a particular subject. The word is typically used as a postpositional adjective but can also be used as a postposition adjective. It is frequently capitalized when it forms part of a title. The word originated in the mid-18th century from Latin as the past participle of emereri meaning “to earn one’s discharge by service”. Emereri itself is a compound of the prefix e- (a variant of ex-) meaning “out of or from” and merere meaning “earn”. The word is always

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Lodge Conducts Rededication and Reobligation ceremonies

During the month of May the Worshipful Master opened the lodge for the purpose of conducting a Ceremony of Rededication to Masonry and Obligation Renewal. He said that since the two ceremonies were combined since they are so closely related. The chaplain gave the invocation in which he invoked the blessing of the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

The Worshipful Master then told the brethren that this was a special night in which the brethren will reaffirm our belief in the mission of Freemasonry, our allegiance to its precepts and our love for its cause. We agree that our Masonic obligations point the way to a mode of living that will glorify God, make us a friend of our neighbor and cause us to heed the promptings of our conscience. To these principles we will reconsecrate our abilities and rededicate our efforts.

The Master went on to remind the brethren that rededication is just a reminder of all the splendid teachings inculcated in our three degrees. Its purpose is to return each of us to that spirit of dedication which stirred us all when we first took our degrees. He stated that we should not loose the value of that experience. He emphasized that dedication is an essential part of any and every man’s life, if that life is to amount to anything. Dedication is a basic ingredient in a worthwhile life.

The Worshipful Master then invited the brethren to Awake! Rededicate! Let us rekindle within ourselves that spark which, with the help of God, we will take back with us into our Lodge and ignite into the lives of our Brother Master Masons a genuine burning desire to develop thinking minds, understanding hearts and dedication to purpose which is Masonry’s purpose today.

The Worshipful Master then conducted the brethren in the Pledge of Rededication in which the brethren pledged to rededicate themselves to the principals of freemasonry.

Following the conclusion of the Rededication Ceremony the Worshipful Master explained the purpose of obligation renewal night is to promote harmony throughout our great fraternity and to return our hearts and thoughts to the most valuable tenets of Freemasonry which are friendship, morality and brotherly love.

He explained that from the commencement of the world we may trace the foundation of masonry. During many ages and in many different countries it has flourished and no art or no science proceeded it. He stated that abstracted from the pure pleasures which arise from friendship so wisely constituted as that which subsists among masons and which it is scarcely possible that any circumstance or occurrence can erase, masonry is a science confined to no particular country but extends over the whole terrestrial globe, wherever the arts flourish there it flourishes too.

The Worshipful Master went on to encourage the brethren to daily practice the principles of freemasonry and that such is the nature of our institution that in the Lodge which is confined to no particular spot union is cemented by sincere attachment and pleasure reciprocally communicated in the cheerful observance of every obligating office. Spread the spirit of friendship and brotherly love throughout among all men.

At the Worshipful Masters request Brother Frank Tijerina, Lodge Instructor, said My brethren in order for us to revert back to the basic teachings of Freemasonry and to truly reobligate ourselves to the most valuable tenets of the Fraternity and then conducted the brethren in repeating the obligation.

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Golden Trowel Presented To Brother William “Bill” Gillis

The lodge presented the Golden Trowel to Brother William Colin Gillis during special ceremonies conducted at the lodge. The Worshipful Master noted the history of the establishment of the golden trowel as a lodge formal recognition of a Brother for his devoted service to Masonic principles in general or to his lodge. It is intended for the brother who year after year, quietly but actively demonstrates his devotion to the teachings of freemasonry without thought of recognition or special honors.

Recipients are found at labor in the kitchen, on the work committees, in public office, on community projects, in service clubs, heavily involved in their church activities and in schools – anywhere that a true and steady hand of assistance is needed.

The secretary read the citation that accompanied the award which stated that Brother Gillis has been a very active member of Valley-Hi Lodge over the past years. During the past five years he has served as junior steward. In this capacity he has spent countless hours assisting the senior steward by taking charge and supervising and or physically setting up the dining area in preparation for serving the meal and cleaning the dining area after the function.

The Master noted that Brother Gillis maintains a positive attitude while performing the various sundry duties of his office. He works extremely well with the senior steward and is well liked by all the brethren of the lodge. He is also a big help in helping out in degrees, and lodge cleanup whenever he is called upon.

The officers and membership of Valley-Hi Lodge feel they are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated brother whose labors are appreciated by all brethren that come in contact with him at the lodge. He possesses all the attributes necessary to qualify him to receive the Golden Trowel award.

The Worshipful Master presented the award, the lapel pin and the certificate to Brother Gills and thanked him for his contributions to the Lodge over the years and encouraged him to continue his efforts in the future. Several brothers added their comments regarding brother Gillis’ duty, performance, and contributions to the lodge and masonry.

Brothers Paez and Pitts (Contd from Page 2)

The following members of Helotes # 377: Nina Caswell Nichole Kramer Leah Mishket Taren Miller Miranda DeLaRosa

This is the fifth year we have received service from the Helotes Rainbow Girls and each year they have been superb. We sincerely appreciate your help and apologize for failing to acknowledging your service earlier. associated with the title, not the name of a person. For example, “Treasurer Emeritus Joe Paez or Secretary Emeritus Willie Pitts. Emeritus means retired or honorably discharged from active professional duty, but retaining the title of one’s office or position. The position emeritus (i.e.: treasurer or secretary) of the lodge is an honorary title bestowed as recognition for exemplary service. Emeritus does not imply that the person must be retired from all duties of his previous title. Nor does it imply that the person is engaged in the duties of his or her previous title.

Rainbow Girls (Continued from page 1)

The following members of Helotes # 377: Nina Caswell Nichole Kramer Leah Mishket Taren Miller Miranda DeLaRosa

This is the fifth year we have received service from the Helotes Rainbow Girls and each year they have been superb. We sincerely appreciate your help and apologize for failing to acknowledging your service earlier.

Celebrating Masonic Birthdays


Blackwell Samuel Laird
Buck Burton J.
Cruse Robert Lloyd
Freeman Warren David
James William A.
Lawrence Dwight L.
Lovely James L.
Machts Alfred Edward
Parker Charles Scott
Sackett Richard Carroll
Snyder Russell Robert
Walls Ervin Leo
Widman Theodore T.


Anderson Dwight W.
Barth Joseph V.
Benham John D.
Bonillas Vernon Torres
Brandt Byron S.
Bruner James Lee
Buddemeyer James A.
Daye Fred
Divers Patrick F.
Garza Jesus A.
Gibson William Holt
Lacey James E.
Lefevre William Howard
O' Neill Joseph E.
Richards Charles Frank
Spears Arvin Dewitt
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Winslow Neil Grant


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