Thorntown Lodge #113  F & a m


8109 West S.R. 47

Thorntown, IN 46071

Join us for our stated meetings held on the first Tuesday of every month. We enjoy refreshments and fellowship at 6:30 in the evening and start the meeting at 7:30. On the occasion that the meeting night falls on a holiday, Lodge will be held Tuesday evening of the following week, at the usual time.

 Current Officers for 2014

Worshipful Master: Mike Neeley

 Senior Warden: John Lawrence
 Junior Warden: Lee Sheets
 Senior Deacon: Steve Taylor
 Junior Deacon: JP Cutter
 Senior Steward: Andy Thompson
 Junior Steward: Barry Fussell
Tyler: Charles Carson
 Secretary: Richard Stevens
 Treasurer: Jim Cridge
 Chaplain: Steve Gregor


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