October 24, 2005 Meeting Notes


It was a well-attended, really great Masonic evening at our lodge. We started off the evening greeting many of our “Rusty Brothers” which was so nice to see back in our Lodge. Following this was a superbly prepared meal put together by JW. Bill Harland Sr.. “Great job Bill.”


Some of new members joined us for dinner to see what we were all about and I believe the fellowship won them over realizing what a warm group of brothers that comprises our lodge. The dinner was followed by a welcoming talk by DD Grand Master RW Robert F. Gillette and as we went to the lodge a movie was started for the entertainment of our guest.


After the Officers of the Lodge performed superb opening we had a presentation by DD Grand Marshal Wor. Ed Burg and Wor. R. Dennis Breen explaining the various signs and words used in the lodge and some of the ancient history the goes along with them. This was indeed a learning experience for all of us.


Wor. William Currier from Frank W. Thomson Lodge performed an installation of Wor. R. Dennis Breen as the Marshal and Bro. Norman Berry as Tyler. As usual, the ambience and fluidity with which Wor. Will performs this task was certainly a pleasure to observe.


Welcome Bro. Nickolas Krol who affiliated with our Lodge at the meeting and was greeted and voted in with a unanimous vote. Bro Krol brings a lot of energy with him and I understand he wants to get right in line.


There were two applications for membership voted on and it now looks like we will be having five candidates going through the first degree on December 12. All the officers will be gearing up to put on a wonderful installation promising to be an evening not to miss.


Finally, the meeting was turned over to DD Grand Master RW Robert F. Gillette who in his usual flare of words and happy appearance brought us warm words from the Grand Master and news of our 14th District. Sadly, Bro Bob announced that it is near the end of his term as DDGM and announce his finale official visit will be at our regular November 28 meeting. As we all know, he has worked hard and diligently to help promote the good will of Masonry and expand fellowship of the Craft. Please don’t miss this meeting because we have a fun evening and celebration planned in a true Masonic manner!!