Suburban Lodge #740 F&AM
Chartered in 1902
Photographs Taken of the Old Suburban Lodge
Building, located at the corner of 3rd Street
 and Central Ave. from 1916 until October, 1998

Photographs Taken During the Construction of 

the New Suburban Lodge at its new location

at 3901 South 3rd Street, which began in

Nov. 1997 and was completed in Oct. 1998



This additional information is intended to compliment and add to the information furnished in the "Suburban Lodge No. 740 F&AM Golden Anniversary Souvenir Booklet 1902-1952" published at the time of Suburban Lodge's 50th anniversary in 1952

Suburban Lodge #740 F&AM has always been a strong leader within the Masonic Fraternity due, primarily, to the leadership given by the men who have served as Master.


December 26, 1953 Charles Fowler was elected Secretary; a position he filled well for well over 20 years.

September 20, 1953.  At a called meeting Worshipful Master David U Doss announced that Veritas Lodge #608, of Indianapolis Indiana would confer the Master Mason degree on one of their candidates according to Indiana ritual.  Veritas Lodge then opened on the Master Mason degree and conferred this degree on their candidate.  This impressive work was witnessed by a large number of brothers of Suburban Lodge and a number of visitors.  This was the beginning of annual exchange visits between these two lodges and is continued today with the Successor of Veritas #608;  Keystone Lodge #251, of Indianapolis.

April 30, 1981 the members and guest of Suburban Lodge received a special treat at the family night program when the Social Club of Southern Star Chapter Order of the Eastern Star demonstrated their idea of the conferral of the Master Mason degree.  This was an evening of great enjoyment both to Suburban and also to all who took part and/or witnessed the performance.

May 21, 1981 After considerable discussion it was moved, seconded, and passed that the future Past Masters have their portraits made by color photography instead of sepia.  This change a tradition which has existed since Suburban was set to work in 1902 but we have to be realistic and make changes from time to time.

During the year of 1981, our lodge was greatly enhanced by the installation of new theater style padded chairs and a new carpet installed in the lodge room.  These improvements were paid for by generous donations from our members and friends.

February 18, 1982  The approach of our centennial year as a Masonic Lodge in Kentucky and the desire to have funds for a suitable celebration of the event was discussed.  Motion was made, seconded, and carried to set $300.00 aside each year for this purpose.  These funds are allowing the publication of this report and the other activities of the year 2002.

September 24, 1982 it was reported that Suburban's Past Master, Edward T. Toebbe has been elevated to the office of Most Illustrious Grand Master of the Grand Council of Kentucky, Royal & Select Masters; and that Brother Past Master. Sam Lowe, was honored to receive the York Rite 32 at the state convocation last week.

During the year of 1985 the members and friends of Suburban again supported a major improvement in our lodge hall with the installation of an elevator at a cost of about $50,000.00.

1/9/1986 Ray Wilson installed as Master by Brother Rick Ballinger PM assisted by Bro. Jim Evans as Marshall.  3/22/86 Members and guest of Suburban Lodge traveled by bus to Veritas  Lodge at Indianapolis Indiana.  The Master Mason degree was conferred by KY Ritual and a very good evening of fraternal fellowship was enjoyed by all.

1/8/87 Brother Melvin Carter was installed as Master by Brother Joe Rowland PM assisted by Bro Rich Ballinger PM as Marshall. a bus load of visitors from Veritas and other Indiana lodges arrived and a great evening of Masonic fellowship was enjoyed.   The Master Mason degree was conferred by Suburban's degree team as the Grand Lodge of Indiana has failed to grant dispensations for its lodges to confer work out of state or to entertain out of state degree teams.  We enjoyed the recitation of the following poem written by Brother Jim King PM of Veritas #608

Free Masonry Forever

Again we knock upon your door,

To hark to your Masonic Lore,

Though years have passed since first we came,.

Freemasonry remains the same,


You opened wide your portals, fain,

To stand with Brothers on the Square.

True Fellowship our only aim,

Freemasonry remains the same.


We labor that two may become

Erect and upright as the Plumb,

We labor not for Worldly fame,

Freemasonry remains the same.


For when the Craft, as Brothers meet,

And on the Level, place their feet,

Allow no stain, no spot, or shame,

Freemasonry remains the same.


Our Faith and Hope, we hold apart,

Plus Charity to fill each heart,

To aid the Halt, Support the Lame,

Freemasonry remains the same.


In time, a thousand years or more,

Should Craftsmen rap upon your door,

Our hope is that they may proclaim,

Freemasonry remains the same.

Free Masonry Forever

Again we knock upon your door.

To hark to your Masonic Lore/

Though years have passed since first we came.

Freemasonry remains the same.


You opened wide your portals, fain,

To stand with Brothers on the Square.

True Fellowship our only aim,

Freemasonry remains the same.


We labor that two may become

Erect and upright as the Plumb,

We labor not for Worldly fame,

Freemasonry remains the same.


For when the Craft, as Brothers meet,

And on the Level, place their feet,

Allow no stain, no spot, or shame,

Freemasonry remains the same.


Our Faith and Hope, we hold apart,

Plus Charity to fill each heart,

To aid the Halt, Support the Lame,

Freemasonry remains the same.


In time, a thousand years or more,

Should Craftsmen rap upon your door,

Our hope is that they may proclaim,

Freemasonry remains the same.


November 1987 Eureka Chapter #101 RAM and Hiram Council #70 RSM became part of the Suburban family by moving their meetings to this location and meeting the 4th Tuesday of each month.

1/2/88 Brother Mark Lambdin  was installed as Master by Brother John Rupley PM.

3/19/88 Suburban Lodge and visiting masons traveled by bus to Indianapolis Indiana where we were warmly welcomed by Members of Veritas #608. During the afternoon and evening of fine Masonic fellowship the Master Mason degree was conferred by the Indianapolis degree team according to Indiana ritual.

5/27/88 A lovely catered banquet was served in our new Banquet Room to celebrate the creation of this lovely facility.  The first floor of the lodge building, which has been rented to various businesses over the years, had been completely reconditioned and redecorated for use by Suburban Family groups and is a great improvement of the way we handle large crowds and meals.

12/29/88 Brother Donnie Brown was installed as Master by Brother Joe Rowland PM

2/25/89 40 members and guest of Suburban Lodge traveled by bus to visit Madison Lodge #762 at Madison Tenn.  Suburban conferred the Master Mason Degree an Father and Son Eddie Grimes and Eddie Grimes II according to Kentucky ritual.  Many warm remarks were made by those sharing this lovely evening.

3/18/89  We were happy to welcome a bus Indianapolis Indiana and following light refreshments escorted our guest on a tour of the Churchill Downs racing Museum.  The first section of the Master Mason degree was conferred by Suburban Lodge's officers and a lovely fish dinner was served in our Banquet Room.  The remainder of the Master Mason degree was conferred and an evening of fraternal good fellowship was enjoyed by all.

November and December 1989 was a thrilling time as members and friends of Suburban Lodge donated moneys and purchased gifts for 75 of our neighborhood's need children.  This project not only brought happiness to the kids, and satisfaction to the givers, but was also a great lift to our community image.

11/18/89 A chartered bus from North Park Lodge, Indianapolis, Indiana and a number of autos from Madison Lodge #762 arrived shortly before 3:00 PM where they were welcomed by members of Suburban.  Proper dispensations having been granted Madison Lodge conferred the Master Mason degree by Tennessee ritual and all enjoyed an evening of fraternal good fellowship.

12/28/89  Brother Jerry Beauchamp, Grandson of Past Master Walter Beauchamp, was installed as Master by Brother Joe Rowland PM

3/24/90 On a cold March day with new snow on the ground members of Suburban Lodge boarded a bus to visit Veritas Lodge #608 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Though the weather was questionable and the crowd a little short all enjoyed the conferral of the Master Mason degree by Indiana ritual and an evening of fraternal good fellowship.

10/27/90 About 20, members and guest of Madison Lodge #762 from Madison, Tenn. arrived by Van and autos about 2:30 PM where they were greeted by our refreshment committee with cold cut sandwiches.  The Master Mason degree by Tennessee ritual and an evening of fraternal good fellowship was enjoyed by all.

1/3/91  Brother Jack Flamm was installed as Master by Brother Joe Rowland PM

3/9/91 38 members and guest traveled by bus to Madison, Tenn. where all enjoyed a visit with the brethren of Madison Lodge #762 and conferred the Master Mason degree on Brother Charles Crosby of Suburban 740 according to Kentucky ritual.

3/23/91 A bus load of brothers from Veritas Lodge #608 and Keystone Lodge #251 of Indianapolis, Ind. Arrived 2:15 PM and were taken on a tour of the Churchill Downs Museum followed by the Master Mason degree being conferred on Brother Wayne Hale by Suburban's degree team.  The Grand Lodge of Indiana would not grant dispensation for their lodge to confer degrees out of state.

9/19/91  Worshipful master Jack Flamm announced that a letter has been received indicating the lodge building property may be taken for highway right of way in the next few years.  In order that the lodge membership be informed as to possible situations, he appointed "Committee On Lodge Relocation" consisting of Brothers Burnis Pitts PM, Chairman, Hoit Vincent PM, Sam Lowe PM, Donnie Brown PM, George Greenwell PM, David Hodge, Bob Hardesty, Bill Willoughby, and Ray Wilson PM to obtain the feelings of the craft and obtain such information and advice as possible.

12/28/91  Brother Will Killen was installed as Master by Brother Joe Rowland PM, with Brother Rick Ballinger PM serving as Marshall and  Brother Burnis Pitts PM serving as installing Secretary.

1/23/92  A check was received from the Jefferson County court in the amount of $500.00 as an appropriation for our needy kids project secured by Commissioner Irv Maize.  This project of securing Christmas presents for the needy children in our neighborhood with personally donated funds continues to be a favored project both by its sponsors and the neighborhood in general.

3/14/92  About 42 members of Madison Lodge #762 and other Tennessee lodges arrived by bus about 1:00 PM and were welcomed by the Suburban members present and served light refreshments of cold cuts, hot dogs, and cookies.  Madison Lodge conferred the Master Mason on a Tennessee candidate in a fine manner and a evening of fraternal fellowship was enjoyed by all.

3/21/92  Another great fraternal visit was made to Keystone #251 Indianapolis, Ind.  Keystone and Veritas having merged as Keystone Lodge, and meeting in the Keystone Hall on Shadeland Dr.  Keystone Lodge conferred the master Mason degree on one of their candidates.  The Grand Lodge of Indiana still not granting dispensations for out of state visitors conferring ritual in Indiana.

6/26/92 Suburban Lodge #740 met in called communication to host the District 15 meeting.  Following a delicious Suburban Social Club fish dinner, served to over 250 members of the Fraternity,  Worshipful Joe Rowland, District Deputy Grand Master District 15, was escorted into the lodge room, given grand honors, and escorted to the East where he presided over the district meeting.   The other Grand Lodge Officers, followed by the Most Worshipful William Hinton were escorted in and given the honors they so richly deserved.  Suburban lodge was honored to have this great meeting, under the direction of their own Past Master at their home at 3rd & Central.

August 27, 1992 motion was made, seconded, discussed, and carried to instruct the Hall Association to try to purchase suitable property for a new lodge building on Collins Court.

February and March 1993 were a very busy months with the residents of Masonic Home joining us for a Valentine Dance at the Home on February 13th.  March saw us receiving a visit from Keystone Lodge where an afternoon and evening of fraternal fellowship were enjoyed was we conferred the Master Mason degree according to Kentucky ritual.

May 21, 1993 Suburban was honored to extend the use of its hall and facilities to District 15 for its District meeting under the direction of David Ehle, Deputy. 

12/30/93  Brother Leslie Barnett was installed as Master by Brother Kenneth Meredith DDGM, with Brother Romuel Toon PM serving as Marshall and  Brother Burnis Pitts PM serving as installing Secretary.

March 11, 1995 we were happy to have as guest our Brothers from Indianapolis as we conferred the Master Mason degree according to Kentucky ritual.

Monday, March 16, 1994 we had another enjoyable visit at Keystone Lodge in Indianapolis, Indiana.  As the fish stand is now operating throughout the year the visit was held on Monday instead of Saturday.  The Master Mason degree was conferred on Suburban's candidate according to Kentucky ritual and was very well attended.  Fraternal good fellow ship was enjoyed by all.

December 28, 1995 Brother Bill Penrod was installed as Master by Brother Joe Rowland PM, with Brother Romuel Toon PM serving as Marshall and  Brother Burnis Pitts PM serving as installing Secretary.

March 23, 1996 we had another enjoyable visit at Keystone Lodge in Indianapolis, Indiana.  A very interesting visit to the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral.  This is a magnificent structure and our only regret was that we did not have time to view it completely and leisurely.  Keystone lodge conferred the Master Mason degree on their candidate according to Indiana ritual.

January 2, 1997  Brother Lloyd Hitt was installed as Master by Brother Joe Rowland PM, with Brother Romuel Toon PM serving as Marshall and  Brother Burnis Pitts PM serving as installing Secretary.

March 22, 1998 a tour bus arrived from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our visiting brothers were welcome, given light refreshments and taken on a tour of the Hillerich and Bradsby bat factory.  The pass was collected and Suburban Lodge was opened for the reading of the disposition of the Grand Master allowing Keystone Lodge of Indianapolis to confer the Master Mason degree on their candidate according to Indiana ritual.  Lodge was closed and all enjoyed o lovely fried fish dinner.  Keystone lodge was opened and a like dispensation was read from their Grand Master.  This was the first time in several years that the two Grand Lodges permitted the conferring of ritual out of state for the continuation of a long standing exchange of work.  The Indiana work was performed in an exemplary manner and fraternal good time was had by all.

August 7, 1997 Brother Merrill Motor, a member of Willis Steward Lodge and the architect firm of Joseph & Joseph gave a good presentation of tentative plans for a new lodge hall.  This presentation was discussed and motion was made, seconded, and carried to request the Hall Association it instruct Brother Motor to proceed with development of plans and seek bids for our new building agreeable to tonight's presentation.

January 2, 1998 Brother Joseph Marshall was installed as Master by Brother Rick Ballinger PM assisted by Brother Jack Flamm PM as Marshall.

Our present Master, Brother Jon Elbert was installed January, 3 2002 and is leading Suburban into its second century during a very active year.

Over the years a number of Suburban Leaders have been called upon to serve the Grand Lodge of Kentucky

In 1956 Brother Earl Wolf PM received an appointment as Grand Representative to Florida and served diligently in this capacity for a number of years.

In 1957 Grand Master William O. Ware called upon Past Master Milburn Peers to serve as his District Deputy for the central Jefferson County District.  Two years later Most Worshipful Grand Master, John R Vincent tapped our Frank Wood PM for the Dist 13 Deputy Grand Master position.  Both of these outstanding men discharged their duties diligently with honor to the Grand Lodge, the Grand Masters, and especially to Suburban 740.

Most Worshipful Carroll Curtis called on Past Master Burnis Pitts for Deputy Grand Master for central Jefferson County, which was now District 15, 1969.  Past Master Kenneth Sears was called on by Most Worshipful Cliff Wilder to fill the Deputy Grand Master position in 1971. These Suburban leaders made us proud of the diligent manner in which he discharged the duties of their appointments.

In 1980 Most Worshipful James Elliot asked Past Master Frank Coryell to serve on the Grand Lodge Committee watching over Legislation of Kentucky.  The Following year Most Worshipful Kenneth Morgan appointed Past Master Dewey Embry as his district deputy. Past Master Richard Ballinger nominated as Grand Representative to Italy by Most Worshipful Kenneth Farley in 1984. In 1989, Most Worshipful Floyd Booth asked Past Master Robert White to serve on the Grand Lodge Committee on Our Homes and in 1991 Most Worshipful William Hinton called on Past Master Joe Rowland as his Deputy in District No. 15.

Bro. Melvin White has also served as Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky.

Each of these distinguished Suburban Brothers were very thorough in fulfilling their appointed duties and were a credit both to the Grand Masters they served and Suburban Lodge.

Suburban was honored in having Past Master Earl E Wolf serve as Grand Master of the Grand Council Royal & Select Masters 1958, Past Master Edward T. Toebbe as Grand Master of the Grand Council Royal & Select Masters 1982 and Past Master Sam Lowe as  Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Kentucky 1997


Central Avenue extension mandate

January 24, 1991  A letter was received form the Mayor's office stating that plans were being made to widen and extend Central Avenue to connect with Crittenden Drive and that this project would require taking the lodge property at 3rd Street and Central Ave.  An Attorney was contacted for guidance and search for possible locations to move if needed was commenced.  Many long and thoughtful meetings were held by both the Lodge and the Hall Association as to the best action for us to take were held.  The possibility of renting a hall, buying and converting an existing building for our use, or building a new building were considered.  It was decided that a new building, while quite expensive, would best suit our needs.

January 14, 1994 Joseph & Joseph Architects was contracted to develop plans for a new lodge hall.  This is the same architect firm which planned and watched over the construction of our present hall in 1915.  Several lots were purchased at the corner of Third Street and Collins Court for a total cost of $191,000.00 and plans drawn for a fine Masonic Temple.

July 7, 1997 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officially offered $196,400.00 for our property at 3rd and Central Ave.  This price was and is considered far below the value of our home of 83 years and is was contested in the courts.

October 11, 1997 Bank One approved a $750,000.00 construction line of credit.  This line of credit to be used to supplement present available funds.


A Called meeting of Suburban Lodge was opened at 3:00 PM Sunday October 26, 1997 for a special ground breaking ceremony for our new Temple.  Lodge was called to refreshment and all retired to join our guest in the banquet room. Meeting was called to order by Past Master Joe Rowland, serving as Master of Ceremonies, and opened with prayer by Brother Kenneth Lawson, Gr. Sr. Warden.  An impressive salute to the Flag was given by Brother Melvin Carter PM and the Pledge of Allegiance was given.

Brother Rowland read a proclamation from the Mayor proclaiming October 26, 1997 as Suburban 740 Day.  He then introduced the distinguished guest present, which included Alderman Greg Handy, Most Worshipful Ronnie Bell, Gr. Master, Deputy Grand Master Robert Davenport, Grand Sr. Warden Kenneth Lawson, Grand Jr. Warden Harold Armstrong, DDGM Romuel Toon, Past Grand Masters, Wayne Rogers, Arnold Wyatt, John Moyers, and C. J. Hyde, and new building architect Merrill Moter 

Alderman Greg Handy presented a certificate of merit from members of the board of aldermen.

Brother Sam Lowe, Lodge Historian, gave an address concerning the lodge history.

Brother Joe Marshall, Sr. Warden brought greetings from the lodge.

Brother Hoit Vincent, President. brought greetings from the Hall Association.

Brother Dewey Embry, President brought greetings from the Social Club.

Sister Jo Vest, Worthy Matron, brought greetings from the Eastern Star.

Brother Jack Flamm, Chairman, brought greetings from the DeMolay.

Sister Rose Flamm, Mother Advisor, brought greetings from the Rainbow.

MW... John Moyers PGM brought greetings from the Scottish Rite.

Most Worshipful Grand Master, Ronnie Bell brought greetings from the Grand Lodge, complimented Suburban on its rich history and wished Suburban well in its new home.

Grand Senior Warden, Ken Lawson pronounced benediction and many retired to the site of our new lodge for the actual ground breaking.  Leaders of the lodge, Social Club, Eastern Star, Grand Lodge and Hall Association each turned a spade of earth at the site of our new building, after which Grand Senior Warden, Ken Lawson offered a prayer for the new endeavor.  All returned to the fish stand to enjoy fish sandwiches prepared for the occasion.

Lodge was called to labor and closed at 5:15 PM.

November 17, 1997 zoning variance was granted to permitting the new lodge hall to be built closer to the street greatly increasing our available space for parking and on December 15, 1997 Parco Construction was contracted to build our new lodge hall for a cost of $1,044,745.00.

August 17, 1998 The cornerstone was removed from the original Lodge building and secured for safe keeping.  The capsule was sealed in the presence of a number of active lodge members.  It is to be opened and inventoried at a public meeting then incorporated into the new Lodge hall



Over 200 members and guests of Suburban Lodge assembled in the banquet room and fish stand at 6:30 PM Thursday September 24, 1998 where all enjoyed fried chicken prepared by our refreshment committee along with the lovely dishes brought by those attending.

Worshipful Master, Joe Marshall and a suitable number of members opened a stated meeting of Suburban lodge in the ante room.  Brother Marshall announced that as this was a family night no business would be conducted; he then declared Suburban lodge closed and all joined our guest in the lodge room.  Many chairs had to be brought up from the banquet room to seat the largest crowd Suburban has had the pleasure of assembling for many years.

Brother Marshall welcomed all present and thanked them for coming to our Past masters and Awards night.  Meeting was opened with prayer by Brother Gene Dennison, Chaplain.  The Past Masters of Suburban were honored and a number of the brothers received their pins for having served the lodge for twenty five, forty, and fifty years.

The committee of brothers Willie Clemons, Bill Penrod, and John Rupley placed a table containing the time capsule, which was placed in the Cornerstone of our present lodge building October 1915, in the center of the lodge.  The seals securing this copper box were cut and the contents were inventoried and displayed.  According to available records this box should contain a copy of the Holy Bible, a list of the members of Suburban Lodge, a list of the directors of Suburban Hall Association, the three principal jewels, copies of the Louisville daily papers, a copy of the souvenir History of Suburban Lodge, a copy of the Masonic Home Journal, 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 coins of the United States, cards of the architect and builder.  While some of the items had disintegrated over the years many were in better condition than feared.  These items were displayed for all to see and photograph.  After the meeting these items were placed back in the box and will become part of the cornerstone of our new lodge building next month.

These history notes were compiled by John Rupley, P.M., Secretary and will be placed in the cornerstone of the new Suburban Hall at 3901 So Third Street at the time that great building is dedicated to the service of Suburban Lodge and the Masonic Fraternity.


Dedication and Corner Stone laying

Suburban Lodge # 740 F&AM

At a Called meeting of Suburban Lodge #740 F&AM held at Louisville, Ky. 1:30 PM Sunday October 11, 1998 with Joe Marshall, Worshipful Master, presiding.  Present were

Brother Joe Marshall............................ WM            Brother Bill Lyons......................... S. D.

Brother James Campbell..................... S.W.            Brother Robert Marshall................. J. D.

Brother Mark Lawson........................... J.W.            Brother Jon Elbert.......................... S.S.

Brother George Greenwell ..................  Treas            Brother Don Hill.............................. J.S.

Brother John Rupley ............................  Sec            Brother Kenneth Elbert................... Tyler

Brother Eugene Dennison.................... Chap            Brother Les Barnett...................................... F. Mar.

and other members and guest according to the Tyler's register.

This being the afternoon for laying the cornerstone and dedicating our new lodge hall.  Lodge was called to order for its first time in the new hall at 1:30 PM Sunday October 11, 1998 by Worshipful Master, Joe Marshall.  Prayer was offered by Brother Sam Lowe PM and the pledge of allegiance was given to the Flag.

Lodge was called from labor to refreshment for public ceremonies and our guest invited into the hall.  A great crowd of nearly 200 members, family members, friends, dignitaries, and guest were present.

Worshipful Master, Joe Marshall, called the meeting to order,  Cherokee Chapter DeMolay presented the flag of the United States of America, and led the pledge of allegiance.  Invocation was offered by Brother Eugene Dennison, Chaplain.  Brother Marshall introduce Brother Joe Rowland PM as Master of Ceremonies.  Brother Joe welcomed all present and called upon the cornerstone committee of Brothers Willie Clemons, Brother Bill Penrod PM, Brother John Rupley PM, and Brother Glen Wells to fill the casket and certify the contents to be placed in the cornerstone.  Affidavit was read testifying that the contents of the 1915 corner stone were as they were when it was opened September 24th and included a copy of the Holy Bible, a list  of the members of Suburban Lodge, a list of the directors of Suburban Hall Association, the three principal jewels, copies of the Louisville daily papers, a copy of the souvenir History of Suburban Lodge, a copy of the Masonic Home Journal, 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 coins of the United States, cards of the architect and builder. 

The new cornerstone casket was filled and contents verified with the following items copy of the Holy Bible, copy of Gold Book published in 1952 at Suburban's 50th anniversary, history notes concerning Suburban Lodge 1952-1998, a list of membership of Suburban Lodge, a list of membership of Southern Star Chapter #154 OES, a set of miniature Masonic working tools, a copy Suburban Lodge news letter "Suburban 740 News", a copy Eastern Star news letter "Southern Star Rays", a copy Suburban Installation program 1/02/1998, a copy Southern Star Installation program 10/02/1998, a copy Suburban Past Masters program 9/24/1998, a copy Dedication program 10/11/1998, which listed the officers of Suburban Lodge and the directors of Suburban Hall Association, 32 pennies stamped with Masonic emblems donated by Carlos Curry of Zoneton Lodge #964, a copy of October 1998 issue of the "Masonic Home Journal", a copy of a section of October 7, 1998 "Courier Journal" featuring a story about the new lodge and movement of the fish fry, 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 Coins, Business cards architect Joseph & Joseph, and principal contractor Parco Construction, a package containing a list of the Rainbow Mother Advisors, copies of recent rainbow installations, and other rainbow memorabilia, a copy of souvenir handouts for the October 11, 1998 program showing a picture of the new lodge and listing the organizations meeting there regularly at that time.

The committee carried these time caskets to the North East corner of the building where Most Worshipful Grand Master Ronnie Bell assisted by the Grand Lodge officers re-laid the 1915 cornerstone and laid the new corner stone in an impressive ceremony.  The stone was tested by the square, level and plumb and declared to be well formed, true, and trusty.  The corn of nourishment, wine of refreshment, and oil of joy were poured on the stone and the assembled brothers gave public grand honors of three times three.    All returned to the lodge room for the dedication ceremony.

The assembled members and friends were seated, the Grand Lodge officers entered and with a very impressive ceremony,  in the name of the great Jehovah dedicated the hall to Freemasonry, in the name of the Holy Saints John dedicated the hall to Virtue and in the name of the entire Fraternity dedicated the hall to universal benevolence.  The cup used in dedicating the hall was presented to the lodge and the working tools used to prove the cornerstone were presented to Bill Edwards, representative of the architect firm of Joseph & Joseph, who turned them over to the lodge. 

The meeting was returned to the Master of ceremonies.  Brother Rowland called upon Greg Handy, alderman, for remarks from the city, Brother Joe Marshal for remarks from the lodge, Sister Karen Harvey for remarks from the Eastern Star, Brother Dewey Embry for remarks from the Social Club, Brother Bill Clemons for remarks from the Hall Association, Brother Romuel Toon spoke for District 15.  Most Worshipful Grand Master Ronnie Bell introduce all of the dignitaries from Grand Lodge and connections and spoke for the Grand Lodge.  Each of these speakers were highly complimentary of Suburban Lodge number 740 and its new home.

Refreshments were served to our guest by Lorraine Assembly IORG in the downstairs fish stand while the officers closed Suburban Lodge in full form for the first time in our newly dedicated hall.


Final settlement and debt payment

During July 2000 final judgment agreement with the City and State was made where-by we received $271,167.00 for our Central Avenue home which was only about 20 per cent of the replacement cost.  It was only by the generosity of our members and friends and the hard work of the Social Club workers that we are able to say that we now have a brand new state of the art Masonic Temple fully paid for as we enter our second hundred years as a strong leader of Kentucky Masonic Lodges.



        As the years went by Suburban continued to grow both in numbers and service. The Grand Lodge report shows that we had 951 members in our Golden Anniversary year of 1952.  We continued to increase in membership until there were 1117 brothers on our roll in 1970.  Suburban, like the entire Masonic Fraternity and other like organizations, has suffered greatly by the lack of interest by the general public to seek out the companionship and opportunity to grow that is offered by our fraternities.  Since 1970 there have been many more deaths and suspensions then new petitioners knocking at our door.  As of June 30, 2001 we have 516 on the list.

        Let's hope that from this point we can find revival and many new truly worthy men will desire to help in the resurgence of the Masonic principals.


        Since 1952 there has been a continuing inflation factor in this nation which has made itself felt in the Masonic Fraternity and Suburban Lodge.  Our dues and Grand Lodge assessments were $8.50 per member per year in 1952. To meet the necessary expensed these have gradually increased until for 2001 we had a Grand Lodge assessment of $21,00  plus our Suburban dues of $15.00 for a total of $36.00.


        Suburban has always been very generous in supporting the needs of the less fortunate.  Not only supporting our own members in need but contributing many other causes, including but not limited to, the Red Cross, March of Dimes, Flood Relief, Masonic Home, Old Masons Home.   November and December 1989 and several years thereafter were a thrilling times as members and friends of Suburban Lodge donated moneys and purchased gifts for many of our neighborhood's needy children.  This project not only brought happiness to the kids, and satisfaction to the givers, but was also a great lift to our community image.

Benevolent Fund

        Suburban Lodge has been known for its generous assistance to those in need.  October 7, 1982 a special fund was set up where-by members are able to donate personal funds to help their brothers in need.  When a request for relief is received it is investigated and if found worthy help extended to members of the lodge.  Since its creation, these personally donated funds have helped with medical expense for a number of brothers, prevented the turn off of a brothers utilities, helped with the burial cost for a member's child, and prevented foreclosure on a brother's house.  This fund still stands ready to administer help when urgently needed and as a channel for individual members benevolent work.

Widow Baskets

        Each year just before Christmas, a special basket of fruits, nuts, and candy is prepared and delivered to each widow of our departed brothers, for which we have a known local address.  This project, while a major undertaking, is strongly supported by the members of Suburban and its friends.  About 225 to 250 baskets are prepared each year and they are always not only  the best quality fruits but are also very attractive.  A fleet of drivers with cars, vans, and trucks leave the lodge building on the Saturday before Christmas and before evening each lodge widow in Jefferson County or Southern Indiana has her special visit and Christmas goody.

Family nights

        A tradition has been established that when a month has five Thursdays, the fifth Thursday would be designated as family night.  At this time our members, their family members and guest bring their special dishes and all enjoy a meal together.  Following this meal a special program is presented.  We have had a wide variety of entertainment including, talent contest, Chili cooking contests, Bingo, Awards nights, special programs of music, magic, puppets, Halloween Party and Christmas parties. 

        Each Summer or Fall the Lodge has a lodge picnic at the Masonic Home grounds or a neighborhood park.  This is always well attended and enjoyed with plenty to eat and games to play.  When held at the Masonic Home the residents of that great facility join us for the afternoon.


        Suburban has always enjoyed visiting other lodges and conferring degree work.  Over the years we have been invited to visit many of our Sister Lodges, including, but not limited to, Plumb Lodge #862, Willis Stewart, McNeil #586, Vine Grove #603, Meeting Creek #641, Cave City #990, Valley #511, Highland Park #865, Worthville,  Madison #762, Tenn., Jerusalem #90, Aurora, Ill., Madison, Ind, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.., Matoon Ill, Yocum #897. Aurora #633, Bremen #596, Lyndon #960, Beaver Dam #460, Mays, and the Old Masons Home in Shelbyville, Ky..  A number of these trips developed into a series of exchange visits where many lasting friendships were established.  Our long time exchange of visits with Veritas Lodge #608 and their successor Keystone #251 of Indianapolis, Indiana were started in 1952 continuing each year through present and hopefully for a long time into the future



        Lorraine Assembly No. 6 Order of the Rainbow for Girls had long been a part of the Suburban family when our interest in the young men of our area became evident.  April 29, 1954 Cherokee Chapter DeMolay, then sponsored by the Grotto, demonstrated the conferral their initiatory, and DeMolay degrees and delivered their Flower Talk for the benefit of the lodge..  July 19, 1956 motion was made, seconded, and carried to sponsor Cherokee Chapter DeMolay.  Both Lorraine Assembly and Cherokee Chapter continue as strong leaders in their respective organizations and very important to Suburban Lodge.  Many members of Suburban Lodge have spent a lot of hours and miles advising and guiding these future leaders.

St Johns Day League

        The Saint Johns Day League was organized by the leaders of various lodges and pendant organizations in Jefferson County to raise funds for capital improvements to the Masonic Home on Frankfort Avenue and the Old Masons home in Shelbyville.  Suburban's Fish booth has been a major supporter of this effort;  the members of Suburban Lodge, Suburban Social Club, Southern Star Chapter OES, the Rainbow, the DeMolay and their families and friends have put in long hours each summer to make the League picnic a success.


Board of relief

        The Masonic Board of Relief was formed to provide assistance to sojourning brothers and their families in our area.  This has been a valuable channel where strangers within our city can receive attention and contact with their lodges throughout the nation.  Suburban has always been a strong supporter of this work.


Social Club

        Early in Suburban's history the need for greater social and charitable activity became apparent.  April 8, 1919 Suburban Social Club was formed and quickly became the leader in creating a social life for the lodge, its members, and their families with major programs and outings. Their fish fry's soon became a source of funds enabling the lodge to have an active program and meet its financial obligations.  After giving large funds to assist in eliminating the debt on the lodge hall the club was able to focus its efforts on the needs of our Brothers at the Old Masons Home and the ladies and children at Masonic Home, underwriting large projects at the Masonic Homes.  The Club has always been ready to help the lodge with needed furniture, equipment, and many times  with refreshments.  As the years passed the charity of the club was able to expand to became a major contributor to many charities, especially those concerned with children:  Kosair hospital, Children's Hospital, the Kentucky Special Olympics, the Kentuckianna Children's Center, Scottish Rite Language disorder project, and many others.  This work has had the leadership of many great presidents whose efforts should never be forgotten.

        The faithful workers of the Club kept the fish fries going all year long enabling us to pay off the full indebtedness of for our new lodge building in only four years.  They continue working every Saturday from March through November to support the lodge and many charities.

Past Presidents

Frank C. Wilson                1919

E.L. Shelton                      1920

Roy P Jackson                  1921

Ed Southworth                  1922

Fred Blaze                        1923

Jesse E Dunn                   1924

E J McClarin                     1925

Earl L Wolf                        1926

Lon. Noel                          1927

Gustave Domeck              28/40

Albert Domeck                  1929

Tom Potter                       30/31

Wm Reynolds                  32/33

J.C. Bowling                      1934

B.A. Deuritt                       1935

Parvin Sap                        1936

I.N. Boston                       1937

Alvie Johnson                    1938

James Straney                  1939

William J Redmon             1941

John Stanley                     1942

Bradley Blanton                 1943

Gabe Renner                     1944

Clyde Pace                       1945

Chester Bryant                  1946

Joe Schneider                   1947

W.C. Fugate                     1948

Forest Roebling                 1949

Foster Broadway               1950

P.H. McDaniel                   1951

Franklin Witherspoon         1952

Paul Harrison                    1953

A.J. DiBlasi                       1954

Walter Beauchamp            1955

Clarence Routon                1956

Irvin Holsclaw                    1957

Henry Huck                       1958

Frank Wood                      1959

Elvin Oster                        1960

Roy Jackson                     1961

Kenneth Sears                  1962

Elmer Gatewood                1963

Jessie Bryant                    1964

Oscar Silcox                     1965

Lee Jones                         1966

Clarence Cochran              1967

Arthur Parmon                   1968

Jesse Burnett                    1969

Ray Bunch                        1970

Art Carty                           1971

Paul Jones                       72/78

Eugene Blair                     1973

Jack Lowe                        1974

Kellie Phillips                    1975

George Ellis       76/85/87/91/96

Sam Lowe                        1977

Dewey Embry 79/88/94/95/97/98/99

Claude Lindsey                80/86

J.W. Kaufman                   1981

Willie Clemons                  1982

Larry Rickets                    1983

Melvin Carter                     1984

James Casteel                  1987

Cleon Shaw                      1989

Jim Gagliardi                     1990

Joe Ballinger                     1992

George Greenwell              1993

Joe Rowland                     2000

James Metcalfe                 2001

John Morris                        2002

Willard Browning                2003




        Southern Star Chapter #145 Order of the Eastern Star has been a highly esteemed counterpart for Suburban Lodge since 1911.  The sisters and brothers of the Star have always been ready to lend a hand to the projects of Suburban, especially in those matters where a woman's touch adds to the success and pleasure of an activity.  Their assistance in preparing meals for our special meetings and contributing to the decor of the lodge room has been a major factor in the comfort and enjoyment of the entire Suburban Family.  The leadership of its Matrons and Patrons have kept the helpmate organization strong not only for Suburban but for the Star statewide and internationally.

Southern Star Past Matrons and Past Patrons

Effie Hall                   1911          Harry Barker

Sallie Barker             1911-12     Harry Barker

Sophie Snyder          1912-14     Karl Snyder

Mollie Mounts           1914-16     T.W. Longacre

Eva Van Arsdale        1916-17     Karl Snyder

Gertmde Biggers       1917-18     Frank Mounts

Juanita Kepner          1918-19     D.T. Duckwall

Pearl Duckwall          1919-20     D.T. Duckwall Jr.

Lola Petty                 1920-21     Chester Puckett

Donna Wyatt             1921-22     Jack Showalter

Annie Puckett           1922-23     Harry Lewis

Lillian Skaggs           1923-24     Chester Puckett

Breanna Blaes          1924-25     Jack Showalter

Eula Dellinger            1925-26     Jake Burkhart

Kathryn Masden        1926-27     Charles Taylor

Anna Gurwitz            1927-28     Charles Taylor

Florence Burkhart      1928-29     Fred Burkhart

Nell Schader             1929-30     J.J. Burkhart

Julia Noel                  1930-31     Herb Houchins

Lucille Nicholson       1931-32     Thomas Devan

Emma Tanner           1932-33     John Wines

Anna Marie HalI         1933-34     Henry Barker

Rebecca Smith         1934-35     Everett Crutcher

Edna White               1935-36     Thomas Devan

Ruth Haden               1936-37     J.B. Franklin

Katie Bennett            1937-38     Everett Crutcher

Evelyn Martin            1938-39     Nelson Hornbeck

Nellie Hornbeck         1939-40     Louis MilIer

Edythe Brown           1940-41     Harry Buckles

Norma Shaw             1941-42     J.J. Burkhart

Ida Shields                1942-43     Raymond Yester

Mary B. Taylor          1943-44     E.E. BisseIl

Kate Johnson            1944-45     E.E. Bissell

Norma Yester            1945-46     Raymond Yester

Pearl Buckles           1946-47     Harry Buckles

Geneva Holiday         1947-48     J.B. Franklin

Rachel Scofleld         1948-49     C.C. Shawler

Mabelle Henry           1949-50     James Henry

Ann McKenzie          1950-51     John A. Burkhart

Martha Atwood          1951-52     Walter DeWeese

Lillian Powell             1952-53     Charles Powell

Mary 0. Roberts        1953-54     Frank R. Roberts

Grace Jenkins           1954-55     Truman Jenkins

Idella White               1955-56     Henry Huck

Ruth Jeffries              1956-57     Foster Broadway

Nina Lloyd                1957-58     Milburn Peers

Alma Shuler              1958-59     Clyde Shuler

lnez Haselwood         1959-60     Clarence Routon

Virginia Larimore       1960-61     Richard Larimore

Geneva Gordon         1961-62     J. B. Gordon

Nancy Myrick            1962-63     Truman Jenkins

Virginia Noyes           1963-64     Wilbur Noyes

Dorothy Metcalfe       1964-6~     James Metcalfe

Anna Levisy              1965-66     Wilbur Noyes

Veronda Miller           1966-67     Clarence Bohn

Ruby Blankenbaker   1967-68     B. Blankenbaker

Alice Martin              1968-69     Clifton Martin

Bernice Bohler          1969-70     Kenneth Sears

Virginia Terrill            1970-71     Thomas Devan

Lola Parmon             I 971-72     Arthur Parmon

Lynn Bruce.              1972-73     George Routon

Rebecca Hurst          1973-74     Thomas Devan

Cladestine Purcell     1974-75     George Routon

Lucy Murphy             1975-76     Johnnie Murphy

Gwen Wix                 1976-77     Johnnie Murphy

Debbie Ballinger        1977-78     Richard Ballinger

Lucy Ann Campbell   1978-79     Clarence Routon

Euphemia Holsclaw   1979-80     Dewey Embry

Mildred Neville           1980-81     Johnnie Murphy

Lynn Rupley              1981-82     John Rupley

Patricia Manion         1982-83     Dewey Embry

Wilma Dulin McMackin   1983-84    Garnett Dulin

Karen Harvey            1984-85     William Harvey

Rita Jordan               1985-86     John Rupley

Joy Carol Fron           1986-87     William Harvey

Patricia Ann Elbert    1987-88     Kenneth Elbert

Shirley Heil               1988-89     Dewey Embry

Karen Coy                1989-90     Bruce Coy

Betty Shaw               1990-91     Cleon Shaw

Shelby Stinson          1991-92     Dewey Embry

Sheila Foster            1992-93     Wilbur Foster

Karen Coy                1993-94     Bruce Coy

Patricia Ann Elbert    1994-95     Kenneth Elbert

Betty Tipton              1995-96     James Metcalfe

Hope Stinson            1996-97     Lloyd   Hitt

Jo Vest                     1998-98     Bob Vest

Karen Harvey            1998-99     William Harvey

Debbie Ballinger        1999-00     Richard Ballinger

Sheri Fenwick           2000-01     Bob Vest

Rosie Savage            2001-02     Rick Ballinger

Jo Vast                     2002-03     Tommy Lucket

Teresa Whitlow          2003-04     Bob Vast

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