Other Orders meeting at Knowle Masonic Centre

Mark Master Masons

Silhill Mark Master Masons Lodge 972

Meeting : 4th Thursday January, March, September & November

Installation : September

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Royal Ark Mariners

Silhill Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners 972

Meeting : 4th Thursday January, March, November and 1st Monday October

Installation : October

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Rose Croix

St. Alphege Chapter 540

Meeting : 1st Wednesday April, 1st Monday June & September

Installation : June

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Greswolde Chapter 851

Meeting : 1st Wednesday March, May & December

Installation : May

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Silhill Chapter 937

Meeting : 1st Wednesday February, 3rd Wednesday May, 1st Wednesday July

Installation : May

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Temple Balsall Chapter 979

Meeting : 1st Wednesday January, 2nd Wednesday June, 1st Wednesday October

Installation : January

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Knights Templar

St. Alphege Preceptory 529

Meeting : 1st Tuesday March, 1st Wednesday September & November

Installation : November

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Preceptory of Light 689

Meeting (Meets at 11.00AM) : 3rd Thursday May & June ; 2nd Friday September

Installation : September

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Knights Templar Priests

St. Alphege Tabernacle 128

Meeting : 1st Tuesday January, July & November

Installation : November

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Heart of England Tabernacle of Installed High Priests 256

Meeting : 1st Wednesday February & June

Installation : February

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Red Cross of Constantine

Knowle Conclave 484

Meeting (Meets at 11.00AM) : 1st Wednesday March, September and December

Installation : December

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Royal and Select Masters

Warwickshire Council 148

Meeting (Meets at 10.00AM) : 2nd Saturday January, 3rd Saturday April, 4th Saturday October

Installation : April

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Scarlet Cord

Rahab Consistory 30

Meeting (Meets at 10.00AM) : 2nd Tuesday March & May,1st Tuesday December

Installation : March

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