Why Join Royal Arch?

Why did you become a Freemason? Was it curiosity, a sense of calling, personal development or to become a better person? In some respects the same answers can be applied to becoming a Companion in a Royal Arch Chapter. Joining the Royal Arch is a natural step for every Master Mason. As Craft Masonry is concerned with the building and completion of King Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem, Royal Arch is concerned with the re-building of the Temple after its destruction by the Babylonians. Despite opposition from some quarters of the ancient world, discoveries were made and the work completed.
Exaltation is defined as elevation and the ceremony of Exaltation in the Holy Royal Arch does just that. It elevates or raises our awareness and understanding of that which we were left to contemplate in the Third Degree. The Holy Royal Arch makes good the promise of ‘recovery’ of that which was lost in the Third Degree.
In Craft Masonry, Brethren are given practical rules to guide their lives in the service their God and community. Royal Arch builds on this and develops the spiritual essence in each of us although an understanding of this development requires time and patience to fully appreciate.
A Chapter is usually sponsored by a Craft Lodge, although some are sponsored by other Chapters. However, it is rare for a Chapter to draw its membership from only one Lodge. By joining a Chapter your circle of Masonic acquaintances will increase beyond your own Lodge and its visitors to new Companions in your Chapter and Companions who visit in Royal Arch but may not do so in the Craft. Above all, Royal Arch should increase your enjoyment of Freemasonry, bringing new experiences and new insights which can only add to our pleasure and our enjoyment of Freemasonry.

Why Join St. Alphege Royal Arch Chapter?

Ceremonies are conducted seriously and in accordance with the Warwickshire Workings of the ritual. At the same time there is a relaxed ambience while the Chapter is open for business. There is formality and protocols are followed, but there is no rebuke when a companion forgets or gets it wrong; after all we only meet four times a year and trying to remember even the basics can be difficult with the rest that life throws our way.
The festive board in Royal Arch is slightly different to a Craft festive board but generally takes a similar format. At St. Alphege we continue a relaxed atmosphere and make all Companions feel that they are a key element in the Chapter whether they are the youngest member or the most regular visitor (of which there are many).
It remains a loss for those who have yet to become a Royal Arch Companion that you cannot share with us at St. Alphege, the warmth and companionship fostered both in the meetings and at the festive boards. If you would like to share and be a part of these attributes, do not hesitate to contact the Scribe E. using the contact form.
If you are already a Companion and have not been before and wish to visit, again contact the Scribe E. on the contact page.

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