Footer Text: Lorem ipsum dolor William Raider Past Master Born: March 13, 1933 Raised - Shively Lodge No. 951 - September 19, 1964 S. Warden - *Charles W. Embry J. Warden - James L. Roberts Treasurer - W. T. Brown Secretary - Rudy L. Crady Chaplain - Luther C. Scott S. Deacon - *Darrell W. Baker J. Deacon - Charles A. Kirchner S. Steward - Bobby R. Woodruff J. Steward - Donald G. Fraley Tiler - Jesse W. Sermon *August Brother Charles Embry and Brother Darrell Baker resigned due to work relocating and having to move. Brother Ray Carman and Brother Mike Dohn was elected as Stewards with all other Officers moving up. Lodge Membership 702