Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 4:51 PM
Subject: 2003 CALL DOWN LIST


This list will be used when all officers of the lodge are needed.

When it is decided that a call down is necessary the following the procedure will be followed:

1. The call down will be initiated by the Worshipful Master or in his absence the senior  elected officer.

2. The master will call the Senior Warden who will call the Junior Warden who will call the Secretary and so on down the list.

3. Once you are contacted you are to call the next person on the list with the information.

4. If you call the person who is next on the list and you do not speak personally with them you are to continue down the list until you speak with one of the officers.

5. If you must call beyond the person you are designated to call you must go back and try to contact that person again at a later time.

6. If you still cannot reach that person keep trying until you do.

7. If you had to call more than person and you still can't reach the person you are designated to contact continue to try to contact the other people you tried to call.

   It is important that a call down is completed so that important information is passed on and the lodge can run effectively.

                                Wayne       calls     Belford        765-0297
                                Belford       calls     Milt             327-2629
                                Milt            calls     Lee             825-3383
                                Lee            calls     Ron            825-3253
                                Ron            calls     Frank         785-0559
                                Frank         calls     Stu             205-9306
                                Stu            calls     Forrest        327-0697
                                Forrest       calls     Don            327-1519
                                Don           calls     Joe(Rocky)  982-5439
                               Joe(Rocky)  calls     Ron            785-1599
                               Ron            calls     Bob            825-5647
                               Bob            calls     Bruce         358-6210
                               Bruce         calls     Tom            794-8760
                               Tom           calls     Wayne        825-9334