History of the St. George Lodge
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A History Of St. George Lodge #239 F&AM


On 1 October 1851, St. George Lodge, under dispensation, was instituted at the Masonic Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. The lodge was so named in honor of the patron saint of England and a major saint of the Anglican Church (the official Church of England since the reign of Henry VIII) and its American counterpart, the Episcopal Church. The dispensation was granted by the then Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, Brother G. G. Wintersmith. Past Grand Master, Brother Charles Tilden, assisted by Brother Jacob Owen as Senior Warden and Brother Henry N. Gray as Junior Warden, presided and instituted the lodge.


The officers appointed and installed by the Grand Master were:

W. G. Rooker - Worshipful Master Wolfe Samuels - Junior Deacon
J.C. Ford - Senior Warden John Hardin - Secretary
George Starkey - Junior Warden B. N. Crump - Treasurer
George Monsarrat - Senior Deacon A. D. Ehrich - Tyler

In addition to the eight (8) officers, there were nine (9) other Masons and brothers listed as members of St. George Lodge for a total of 17 official charter members. They were:

W. G. Rooker James D. Guthrie
J.C. Ford J. W. Knight
George Starkey W. T. Leacock
George Monsarrat C. H. Trabue
Wolfe Samuels D. R. Young
John Hardin William Riddle
B. N. Crump C. H. Fry
A. D. Ehrich T. A. Read
O. S. Coombs  

The Grand Lodge of Kentucky, at the following communication, approved the action of the Grand Master in granting the dispensation and so on 2 September 1852, a charter was issued and the number 239 was designated to it. 11 days later, on 13 September 1852, the lodge was set to work by Past Grand Master, Willis Stewart, who had been designated by the Grand Master to present the charter and install the officers. Past Grand Master Stewart proclaimed the lodge at work under the charter as:




St. George Lodge, No. 239, F.&A.M.


In accordance with the charter granted and by the authority of the Grand Lodge, the following officers were appointed:

William Riddle - Worshipful Master        
C. H. Fry - Senior Warden        
S. D. Gross - Junior Warden        

The minutes of the lodge for 13 September 1852 also reflect that the following brothers were elected to the offices set opposite their names:


George Monsarrat - Senior Deacon

Wolfe Samuels - Junior Deacon        
John Hardin - Secretary        
B. N. Crump - Treasurer        

A. D. Ehrich - Tyler

Beginning on 28 December 1852, less than five months after its charter was issued and pursuant to the rules then in force, the officers were elected semi-annually. This rule remained in force until December of 1855 when the lodge began electing officers annually. Pursuant to the constitution of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky and its current by-laws, St. George Lodge continues to elect and install its officers in December of each year.
We have been indeed fortunate in having as members, workers, and officers, men of character and devotion. From the meager beginnings of 17 charter members, this lodge has grown significantly and at one time boasted over 500 members; but from 1851 to date, it has not always been an easy road. The lodge’s membership has fluctuated over the past 150 plus years, but the untiring endeavors of its members, its officers and its Past Masters have established St. George Lodge as one of the outstanding lodges in Kentucky in quality of membership and in its exemplification of the rituals.
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