Master's Desk

November 2009

Brethren I greet you,

          Wow, what a great meeting we had in October.  Our 151st birthday meeting was a great success, and it was an absolute pleasure to see the combined membership getting to know each other, and our partners and lodge widows enjoying themselves.  This reminds me that our social committee will now need to start planning some additional events to keep up this momentum.

          Everyone please put on your thinking caps and consider the events that you (and your partner) would like to attend; maybe a dinner night, a movie, or my favourite, a coffee after our rehearsals. 

          With the larger number of members who will be attending our meetings, it will be exciting to engage some of the newer members, and especially those who have become master masons, to challenge themselves with the learning of the Scinde ritual.  I would encourage those that would like to perform specific charges to contact either myself or WBro Ian Hunt, so that we may ensure you are given the opportunity to learn and perform what is one of the most special privileges in Freemasonry.
          This meeting will see a ballot for two joining members and a new candidate.  I look forward to a presentation of the first degree tracing board and would like to thank in advance VW Bro Shuker for his time and efforts in learning such a wonderful charge.

          Lastly, I would like to extend my personal thanks to everyone who assisted with the organisation of our 151st birthday party, and especially the Stewards for their extended efforts which I assure you do not go unnoticed.
          I look forward to seeing you all at our next regular meeting on Tuesday 17th November.


Yours fraternally,

            Andrew Johnston WM.