About Scinde

Scinde Lodge was founded in 1858, under the Irish constitution, No.419, in the, then, small village of Napier, New Zealand. Although the founding members of Scinde Lodge were members of the local community, the lodges first initiate was Lieut.Col. A.F.N. Wyatt, of the famous 65th Regiment, which had many Irishmen in its ranks. The 65th was called to Hawkes Bay to provide the settlers with security if it was needed. It is suggested that this influence on Scinde was what may have caused its founders to apply for a warrant under the Irish constitution.

The first home of Scinde Lodge was the Royal Hotel, at the southern end of Carlyle Street. Scinde's founders applied to Lodge Ara No. 348 I.C. (Auckland) for its warrant, and a dispensation to work until the necessary documents arrived by sailing ship from Ireland. In this way Lodge Ara became Scinde's sponser, and still today has a close relationship with Scinde.

There was an attempt in August 1874 to persuade Scinde Lodge 419 I.C. to transfer their allegiance to the Grand Lodge of England. The proposal was defeated and Scinde remained loyal to the Irish Grand Lodge. Nevertheless some of the Scinde Brethren were willing to move to the Grand lodge of England, and because of this, in 1876, Scinde Lodge sponsored the formation of Victoria Lodge No.1577 E.C..

On December the 18th, 1886, the great fire of Napier destroyed an entire city block and some buildings in adjoining blocks. Scinde Lodge lost its first minutes book as well as all the other records of Freemasonry in Hawkes Bay. This is the worst loss to Scinde Lodge up to the present day.

In 1889 Scinde Lodge No,419 I.C. made the decision to go over to the New Zealand Constitution, upon which it was allotted No.5 on the N.Z.C. roll of lodges. It appears that all lodges changing to the New Zealand constitution at that time had to work under dispensation for two years before receiving their new charters.

Scinde Lodge celebrated its jubilee in October 1908.

Scinde Lodge had once been the proud owners of what was described as the finest set of lodge equipment in the country at that time. All of this equipment, and the lodge rooms, along with the second and third minutes books, were destroyed in the fire which followed the famous 1931 Napier earthquake.

Scinde rebuilt its lodge rooms which were opened in 1933, and worked steadily at that location, until about 1995, when the unanimous decision was made to sell the old building and share the Kennedy road masonic building with United Lodge of Napier.

At its Centenary in 1958 Grand Lodge of New Zealand was granted the right to wear an apron embellished with silver braid, silver buttons and the number 5, thus reverting to the style of apron in use prior to 1870, by Irish Lodges.

Today Scinde Lodge No.5 N.Z.C. enjoys a healthy existence as it works hard as a model for the lodge renewal scheme, with an eye on a productive future for Freemasonry in Hawkes Bay (Eastlands District) in the 21st century.

Scinde Lodge 'Irish' Apron Centennary Jewel