Thursday - April 5, 2012

Robinson Lodge met in Stated Communication at Belmont Village, located at Bowling Blvd., Louisville, KY. The officers were in their stations; check the Tiler's register for names:

Master: Russell L. Grant
Senior Warden: Joel Anderson
Junior Warden: Larry Garmon
Secretary: Jim Taylor
Treasurer: Jackie Ramsey
Senior Deacon: Bill Wise, PM
Junior Deacon: Scott Elliott
Senior Steward: Jerry Bryant
Junior Steward: Fred McBride
Chaplin: Charles Boston, Sr.
Tiler: Ray Spann

The Lodge was opened in usual ceremonies on the Master Mason Degree, after prayer by Brother Charles Boston, Sr. The pledge of Allegiance was lead by Worshipful Master Russell Grant. Worshipful Master Russ Grant welcomed all visitors check the Tilerís register for names. Worshipful Master Russell Grant called for the reading of the minutes. Brother Secretary the letter of dispensation from The Grand Lodge of Kentucky. Brother Secretary read the minutes from March 15, 2012 and Lodge of Sorrow April 1, 2012 minutes were approved as read.

Worshipful Master Russell Grant called for:

Unfinished Business: We did not have any.

Deaths: We had two deaths, Brother Carroll Davenport passed away on March 28, 2012. A moment of silence was held in his honor.

New Business: We did not have any new business.

Report on Petitions: No reports were due.

Communications and Bills: Brother Secretary reported that we report from the Masonic Secretaries Association was passed around lodge. A request was received from the International Order of the Rainbow Girls wanting us to take an ad in there magazine, it was decided that we would wait until we receive the requests from Demolay and Jobs Daughters and handle all at one time.

Sick Report: Brother Joe Mattingly, PM let us know that Brother Eugene Gibson called him to let us know that he fell and he has probably broke his foot.

Good of the Order: Brother Don Hodges announced that his lodge Acme was having a fish fry. Worshipful Master Russell Grant called on Brother James Cheser for a few words. Brother Cheser said he was so proud to have us come and have lodge with him.

With nothing more to come before Lodge, our Chaplin, Brother Donald Hodges, PM closed Lodge in peace and harmony with a prayer at 8:10pm.
Russell Grant, Master Jim Taylor, Secretary