A Word from the East


It is indeed an honor and pleasure to be elected as your Worshipful master for the Masonic year of 2002-2003. I understand that the road will be rocky, hilly, and sometimes just plain unbearable. I will stand the course as best I can. Sometimes I may stumble and sometimes fall, I will first look to God from which cometh my help, and will look toward my Brothers, my craft, for hand, and/or words of encouragement.

I came to Pride of the South from Mandarin Lodge # 357 out of Taipei, Taiwan, where I took my solemn obligation in 1975. I consider Masonry something that cannot be won by formula or some magical hocus-pocus. It can't be purchased by the yard, or over the counter. It is one of the few things that can't be taken from one worthy of it. Masonry in your heart is the one thing that being high, low, rich, or poor cannot be taken, borrowed or stolen.

As your Master for this Masonic Year, I would like the members of Pride of the South Lodge #324 to live by the plumbline, always ready to assist the fallen brother, and if we cannot speak well of a brother Mason, then be silent. I would like for us to always be ready to relieve the distressed, assist the widows and orphans, be peaceful, law abiding citizens, striving for peace and harmony.



Charles F. Gipson
Worshipful Master, Pride of the South #324