The First Annual
Neighborhood Celebration
presented by

Historical Stop Six Empowerment Coalition

On Saturday, October 27, 2001, the Historical Stop Six Empowerment Coalition, City of Fort Worth, and Dundar High School presented their 1st Annual Celebration.

The purpose of this event was to recognize the commitment of redevelopment for the Stop Six area by its residents. This all day affair included vendor booths, entrepreneurial merchandise, special acts and a day full of events for all to enjoy.

Joe Paniagua served as the Master of Ceremonies. The event began with the posting of "Old Glory" by the Dunbar High School, ROTC Color Guard. Pastor Bob Latson of the Liberation Ministries gave the benediction and sang the National Anthem, the history of Stop Six was articulated by Mrs. Sharon Armstrong a life long resident of the Stop Six community. Reverend B. George gave an uplifting oracle entitled "How you can help". His speech reminded all of doing our Christian duty, not waiting on your brother to carry you, and that change begins with you.

Senator Mike Moncrief spoke on the subject of how different government bodies could be of service to the Stop Six community. District Councilman Frank Moss introduced the Guest Speaker, Fort Worth Mayor, Kenneth Barr. Mayor Barr applauded the city for its accomplishments performed in outer areas, and now was focusing on the inner city. He and his administration was excited about the city and the important role Stop Six has contributed in its history and of his confidence that with the assistance and dedication of organizations such as HSSEC, Stop Six would contribute even greater accomplishments to the city. Senator Moncrief added he and his administration supported the concerns of the citizens and methods in which they voice their concerns.

Lieutenant Fred Garcia of the Fort Worth Police Department, Precinct 6, stated his appreciation of the active role and participation the Police Department has received from the citizens of Stop Six. Lieutenant Garcia instructed the neighborhood to continue to work with them, because the citizen's efforts are valuable to the success of the department.

He reminded us of the importance of our children and the safety of all citizens. He further indicated he was glad to be part of such a great challenge and anticipates his department's participation.

Pride of the South, Lodge No. 324, was well represented at the affair. Lodge Officers, Senior Deacon Erving Adams, Secretary Linton Green, and Chaplain Ken Battle were present along with Master Masons Dale Harlan, Dwight Sanders, Greg Bunch, Tony Davis, Donnell Glass, Melvin Limbrick, Derrick Meredith, David Porter, Edwin Sampson, Darryl Sanders, Willie Wingfield.

Pride of the South, Lodge No. 324 was requested to take photos with Mayor Barr, Lieutenant Garcia and Police Officers presents. Television Channel 31 held an interview with Master Mason Dale Harlan concerning the fraternity, took pictures of the entire group and requested through Senior Deacon Erving Adams, of having an interview with Worshipful Master Leslie Ayers at a later date.

Pride of the South, Lodge No. 324 was well received by the community citizens, program participants and dignitaries present. It was a grand opportunity for us to unite with the community and show that they have our support in making Fort Worth a model city of positive change.



Members of Pride of the South with Mrs. Sharon Armstrong, Lieutenant Fred Garcia, and Fort Worth Mayor Kenneth Barr.


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